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Crystal Meth Addiction

A recovering crystal meth addicts speaks about her experiences with crystal meth addiction and her recovery. She started using crystal meth at the age of 16 for weight loss use. She describes the effects of meth as euphoric where she could do anything, all her problems seemed to disappear and whilst at college it was the miracle drug that gave her the energy and drive to work. She explains how she continued using due to a combination of the severity of the withdrawal effects and depression. withdrawing from meth she felt hopeless, suicidal, and lonely.

Crystal Meth has adverse health risks such as dehydration, loss of appetite leading to severe malnutrition, hallucinations and inability to speak or socialize.

She explains how she tried to hide use for the first 5 years of her usage by practicing isolating measures and acting depressed at social events so as to prevent future invitations.

When she tried rehab for the first time she felt she was not ready, and left after a few months. Next time however she attended an inpatient facility for a year and a half and regular 12 step meetings, finally finding herself ready and willing to change.

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