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Getting Sober at Young Age

Danielle, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, speaks on her experiences of using at a young age and becoming sober as a teenager. Danielle, at the age of 15, started hanging out with a group of friends who would drink outside of school. Within six months Danielle describes how she was anorexic, drinking every day and taking diet pills. Eventually Danielle went to an independent study school, which enabled her to have more unstructured time to drink and use. Danielle describes her bottom as when she was using crystal meth.

Danielle’s parents got pushed away by her addiction eventually leading to situations with her mom crying and her dad sleeping in his car refusing to enter the house. At the age of 16 Danielle states she was emotionally finished with using although not yet sober.

Danielle then went to a boarding school that dealt with students with addiction and mental disorders. At this time she began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, solely for the benefit of her parents. Later she began to want change in herself and became sober through the use of these meetings. Now Danielle has a stronger relationship with her mother, who is active in Al-anon and recovery, and her Dad who supports her to finish education and succeed in life.

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