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My raging twitter addiction


whatever you may wanna call me, tweeter, tweep, twat? I have to admit I’m a compulsive tweeter, I tweet all day and all night, its far beyond an Internet addiction which I seem to have replaced with this. It was called to my attention by my niece who herself is a tweeter, she says she had to unfollow me because she really does not care to know that much about me, is it really too much?

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I tweet how my day is going, where I’m at whom I’m with, what I’m doing, my thoughts on life, its complexities, simplicities and everything in between, my love for the ginger boy on the bus on my commute to and from work, and my need to place a missed connections ad on craigslist about this matter. I told a friend recently that I get all my news via twitter, she thinks its crazy but every time I tune into the news they seem to be getting their news from twitter. I tweet pictures of what I eat, where I eat it and how I rate it. I follow my favorite stars, friends and companies, I’m always in the loop of what interests me but its become a bit of a obsession, how many followers do I have, how do I get more. I also find myself communicating on twitter vs calling or texting, I tweet my friends about everything on it, full conversations at a public level, I know I can set my account to private but that means less people will follow, or does it?

I’ve had twitter feuds with celebrities, moguls and my bank, all in public, my friend said she googled herself and found a twitter conversation she had with me a few months back that was highly inappropriate, and very public. I personally don’t mind what information about me is out there, but others might, I have been tweeting less while I work but in the back of my head I think my followers are loosing interest. Like many of us in recovery we tend to find healthier addictions, one of mine is tweeting, I don’t see any problems  tweeting which I call living a very open and public life, I’m an open book.

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