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Treatment for Anorexia

Dr. Charles Sophy, discusses the signs and treatment for anorexia nervosa. Dr. Sophy defines anorexia as an eating disorder disease where the anorexic either refuses and/or is unable to maintain a healthy body weight.

Dr. Sophy recognizes that the causes of anorexia are not clearly defined. Research however does implicate that certain brain dis-regulations can be attributed to anorexia. Side effects of anorexia are discussed such as dry skin, hair loss and more seriously cardio and respiratory problems.

Dr. Sophy discusses the treatment options for anorexia. He states there are a variety of different treatment options however there are three main cornerstones; the first of which is education on the disease for both the patient and the family. After the education the patient will often be given medications for the disease and other mental disorders such as anxiety or depression, both of which are prominent with those who suffer from anorexia. After this the patient can progress into group therapy and family therapy is often an important factor also.

Dr. Sophy believes the main factors contributing to the success in treatment and recovery rate for anorexia are how early the disease is diagnosed, how early treatment is started and finally how committed the patient is to continuous recovery.

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