The Treatment4Addiction Team

Kevin Sossin-Bergman, Director of Technology

Kevin Sossin-Bergman is part owner, part Director of Technology and part office clown. He is one of 10 people living in Los Angeles that was actually born in Los Angeles. Kevin has 16 years of programming and web development experience 26 if you count playing on trash 80's and apple II's. When not at the office this LA Native can be found lurking in the halls of his Alma Mater Beit T'Shuvah.. being of service and being at services.

David Cardoos, Director of Search Engine Marketing

David evenly delegates his time between standing in front of the mirror styling his hair to perfection and plotting and scheming to overtake the Google empire, taking Treatment4Addiction into world domination. He also spends a lot of time building barriers around his desk in hopes to deflect the large blunt objects constantly being thrown at him by our Creative Director, Gini Sullivan. His long term goal in life is to set the world record for having every square inch of his body covered in distasteful tattoos.

The Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Guide

Asking for help when it comes to addiction or mental health issues is never an easy task, nor is navigating the realm of treatment options. (T4A) can be your guide assisting in the sometimes complicated mission of seeking out help for you or someone that you love currently struggling with substance abuse or serious to moderate physiological conditions.

T4A boasts a compassionate and knowledgeable staff of addiction professionals available to guide you through the process of searching for the best match in regards to treatment. If it is a drug rehab center that is needed T4A is the most comprehensive nationwide treatment facility directory. Our website is a one-stop wealth of information complete with formidable and practicaladvice concerning all areas of recovery and treatment, as well as:

  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs
  • An Extensive Overview of Legal and Illicit Drugs
  • Drug and Alcohol Interventions
  • Support for the Family/Partners of an Addict/Alcoholic
  • Alcohol and Drug Detox Facilities
  • Signs, Symptoms and the Hazards of Addiction
  • Addictive Behaviors and Physiological Conditions
With users have an incredible wealth of information and resources all in one place. Search through our hundreds of research articles, personal testimonials and blogs written by those in the world of recovery. T4A also has an archive of informative videos produced by medical and professional individuals involved in the field of recovery and mental health. Research the biographies of a range of addiction specialists throughout the United States. Businesses also have the ability to be added to our vast directory.

Users who are looking for a drug rehab center can navigate through our extensive treatment center directory based on location or specialty. Here at Treatment4Addiction we offer an in-depth resource of tools in order to make your search for recovery one of comfort. Seeking help for substance addiction and mental health solutions should never be a hardship.

Let Treatment4Addiction do the work for you, we provide free consultation and referral services for individuals pursuing a life of sobriety. Allow our team of experts to assist you on your journey to a new and fulfilling life in recovery. We pride ourselves on superior service and are here to handle all your questions.

For more information please call 855-900-9468 to speak with an addiction professional today!