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Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin a semi-synthetic opioid holds the same characteristics of Heroin. Oxycontin, a prescription painkiller manufactured by the Purdue company has been successful in treating patients with chronic pain. However the abuse and addiction to oxycontin has skyrocketed making the drug the culprit for destroying many lives. Oxycontin abuse can lead to a devastating addiction that can lead to financial, emotional, and physical turmoil (including death). The mistaken belief that Oxycontin is safer because it is a prescribed medication is completely false.

Oxycontin abuse is taking more than prescribed, administering it in an alternate matter to achieve the "high" a desired and willful act. Oxycontin can be abused by snorting, smoking or even melting down for injection. Oxycontin addiction is the point where the pleasure seeking and the ability to enjoy Oxycontin have subsided. There is no desire or will, only the need to use Oxycontin to get through the day. Whether the drug is obtained by a legitimate prescription, from a friend, or off the street the potential it has to lead to a powerful addiction is universal.

Signs of Oxycontin Abuse

Because Oxycontin is a strong painkiller the spiral of prescription drug addiction can be fast coming. If the person is taking the drug on a prescription basis and follows the doctors direction, typically the dosage and frequency will decrease. By decreasing the dose the probability of building a tolerance and becoming dependant or addicted is less. However this is a rare means for individuals taking Oxycontin. Knowing the signs of Oxycontin abuse is vital for prevention or discontinuing the use of Oxycontin. There are both behavioral and physical signs of Oxycontin abuse to identify in you or your loved one. Increasing dose beyond prescribed is an obvious sign of abuse or addiction. Trying to achieve a high, the euphoric state that large doses of Oxycontin inhibits. Taking the drug by any means other than prescribed is definitely a sign of abuse. Mood and Behavioral changes such as being lethargic, lack of motivation, and mood swings or overly emotional.

Oxycontin Abuse Prevention

When being prescribed to Oxycontin, the doctor will typically evaluate for potential abuse and addiction probability. However many patients who have never experienced an addiction are unaware and have the inability to see the potential harm it can lead to. The extreme level of Oxycontin abuse and addiction set the FDA to take immediate action on remanufacturing the painkiller in an attempt of Oxycontin abuse prevention and Opioid prevention. The new drug was manufactured to be tamper-proof integrating binding agents that surround the chemical Oxycodone making abuse of the new Oxycontin pill very difficult. The pill does not crush as easily, has an extended time release and becomes a gel when heated therefore smoking or melting for injection is harder to achieve. The new Oxycontin pill has the same visual appearance as the original Oxycontin but the imprint now reads OP versus OC.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

If the Oxycontin abuse has progressed to an addiction finding a way out can be extremely difficult due to the harsh withdrawals of Oxycontin. Usually during the withdrawal or detox stage is when users become defeated by their addiction and relapse. Because Oxycontin is a synthetic Opiod the withdrawals are measurable of a heroin withdrawal. The dangers of Opiate withdrawals can be fatal and when attempting to quit using Oxycontin the guidance and care Oxycontin addiction treatment is highly encouraged. Nationwide there are emerging in-patient, out-patient, detox centers and other resources to have a safe, comfortable and successful detox and recovery of Oxycontin abuse.




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