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Treating Addiction with

Melanie Cohen, a certified hypnotherapist discusses how she got involved with hypnotherapy. Melanie says being hypnotized is when a client is in a state of hyper suggestibility, feeling similar to the point of being about to fall asleep. Hypnosis allows access to the subconscious mind, a more suggestible part of the mind. The conscious mind, is normally in control and is a far more closed off. Hypnotherapy is can be useful in quitting addictive behaviors (like smoking), helping with insomnia and helping with phobias amongst others.

Melanie explains how anyone can be hypnotized and in fact everyone goes through some form of a hypnotic state without usually recognizing it for what it is. The only requirement for success with hypnotherapy is being open to it working. In Melanie’s opinion hypnotherapy sometimes works better and quicker with children as they tend to be more open to suggestion and do not have issues as ingrained as adults often do.

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