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Having Fun in Sobriety

Andy Pernetti, a recovering alcoholic, speaks on the importance of having fun in sobriety and his way of achieving it. When Andy came into the program he found that being of service set him on a new journey of recovery. Andy organizes events such as camping trips and movie nights as a way of achieving fun and new experiences in sobriety. The creative solutions meeting Andy sometimes attends is a meeting focused on how to have fun in sobriety. Andy describes how he feels blessed with all the friends and emotions he has in sobriety that weren’t present in his addiction.

Andy goes on to describe his 1 year party as a rave with two battling DJ’s and energy drink jello shots. He did this to prove the point that one’s lifestyle does not have to change by being sober aside from the not drinking. One can have as much if not more fun when sober than when drinking or using.

Andy says that when he came into the program he had the belief that sobriety meant the end of his life. Now he experiences it as the start of his life with the ability to re-create himself and do things he has always wanted to do.

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