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Drug Use in Prison

Jesse, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, speaks about his experiences with drug addiction and being in prison. Jessie describes how he started using drugs at the age of 13, dealing drugs at 16 and then dealing cocaine at the age of 17. By the time Jessie was 19 his drug dealing had become a serious problem in his life. The first time Jessie ever sold to someone he didn’t know that person turned out to be an under-cover sheriff. Jessie was then sentenced to 4 years of probation.

Jesse was involved in a high speed cop car chase while he was on crack, he was eventually caught and arrested. While in prison Jesse says he saw officers and other staff members bring in drugs, mainly heroin and methamphetamine. Jessie states how it is not uncommon for some to enter prison with no drug history and leave with a heroin addiction for life.

In 2000 when Jessie was about to go to prison for the 3rd time he came to the realization that he needed a change in life and no longer wanted to become just another statistic using the system as a revolving door. If he stayed with the same group of people he would be doomed to spend life in and out of prison.

Since being sober Jessie has found contentment in the simple things in life and has a solid network of people around him while working in a sober living. His advice is for anyone who is still suffering from addiction is that change is possible and must be done now.

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