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Drug Intervention Treatment

Dr. David Sack explains the process of how an addict ends up in treatment. Addicts will many times have to face adversity in order for them to be willing to enter treatment. This adversity can be pressure from others, financial issues or realization of health risks caused by the addiction. Either way this pressure forces the addict to re-think his/her drug use. At this stage it is important to ask the addict how they believe their life would improve with abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Sack discusses the benefits of families staging drug interventions. interventionist can also help the family on choosing a treatment facility; Dr. Sack recognizes that different facilities offer different programs and often family members will not know on which is better for their loved one.

Two main styles of intervention are covered in the video; an invitational intervention allows the addict to choose to attend and speak with his/her family. If the invitation is not accepted then often a Johnson style intervention takes place. A Johnson intervention is a more confrontational ambush style. Dr. Sack concludes with the lesson that addiction is in fact a life threatening illness and families must do whatever is possible and necessary to help.

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