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How to Deal with a
Friend Addicted to Drugs

Isaac shares what it was like having a friend who was a drug addict and alcoholic. Before the friend’s addiction Isaac considered him to be a brother. When they first met at college Isaac saw his friend getting wasted and thought there may be a problem but it was easier just to say he was young having fun. As his friend’s use progressed, Isaac distanced himself emotionally and physically. Isaac also felt guilty and responsible for enabling his friend’s addiction.

Isaac goes on to describes an intervention that was staged leading his friend to go to a drug rehab center. Isaac speaks of his apprehensiveness about rebuilding his friendship but found this time his friend to be on the right path. Isaac advises others with friends using to hang on in there and don’t enable their addiction. He says it will be hard but sometimes the best thing to do is walk away and let the friend hit rock bottom.

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