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Crystal Meth Addiction
and HIV

Juan, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, talks about his experiences with crystal meth. Juan started out living in New York where he used ketamine and ecstasy. In the party scene however he was first introduced to crystal meth as ‘Tina’, believing it was ketamine prior to use.

Juan moved to California and first experienced sex clubs which became his new addiction. Although Juan never bought crystal meth he was constantly seeking it. Juan describes sex clubs as an atmosphere of frequent unprotected sex with people for crystal meth. He believes the club staff was fully aware of the happenings in the clubs but did not intervene.

Juan goes on to say how he had always believed he was HIV positive due to the lifestyle he led. Because of this he became careless about safety and protected sex, resulting in the contracting of STD’s. Eventually Juan got tested negative for HIV which he described as his wake up call.

Since being sober Juan now describes his life as having boundaries when it comes to sex. Juan no longer lives in fear and describes as having options in his life he could never have had with crystal meth.

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