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Treatment for Bulimia

Dr. Charles Sophy discusses the eating disorder, Bulimia Nervosa. He describes how patients will often binge eat and then purge by vomiting. Patients will often use laxatives or enemas when attempting to alter their weight.

Dr. Sophy recognizes that the causes of bulimia are not clearly defined however research points to brain abnormalities and often a past with trauma.

Dr. Sophy describes the differences between anorexia and bulimia; the main difference being that a bulimic patient will often want to eat but is not able to tolerate the feeling of being full or having food in their stomach and so will force vomiting.

Physical side-effects of bulimia depends upon how long until the patient throws up after eating. The shorter the time is between eating and vomiting then the more severe the side-effects. Side-effects of bulimia are similar to that of anorexia with dry skin, cardio and respiratory issues. Bulimics will often also have dental issues as a result of continuous vomiting.

Dr. Sophy explains how treatment for bulimia comes in a variety of different forms, mainly medications, interventions then group/family therapy. Treatment depends on the individual case and its severity.

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