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Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Charles Sophy, explains the symptoms of Bipolar disorder and discusses treatment options for Bipolar. Dr. Sophy defines Bipolar Disorder as a psychiatric condition diagnosed over a period of time with certain criteria set by the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Sophy explains that Bipolar Disorder is when a person has 2 poles of mood, the manic pole and depressed pole. Most people live between these two poles, someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder jumps between the extremes of the poles, struggling to find balance and live in between.

Bipolar Disorder can be caused by several factors including genetics, environment and a past with trauma. Bipolar in the brain is caused by a shift in brain chemicals making them responds and act faster than usual. There are two different kinds of Bipolar Disorder; Bipolar I and Bipolar II, the difference being in the amount of cycles the patient’s brain makes in a set amount of time.

Dr. Sophy describes the different kinds of treatment for Bipolar Disorder such as meditation, individual therapy and acupuncture. Some disorders masquerade Bipolar and are often confused to be Bipolar disorder such as depression and ADHD. This is why Dr. Sophy believes it is important to monitor a patient over a period of time and learn about their past before diagnosing.

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