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Warning Signs of

Dr. David Sack, an expert on chemical dependency, speaks on drug addiction and alcoholism. He makes the distinction between drug/alcohol abuse and an addiction in the form of dependency. The traits and symptoms of dependency are described such as increased tolerance and cravings. The comparisons of brain and bodily functions between an addict and non-addict are made.

Dr. Sack answers the often asked question of nature vs. nurture; is an addiction a result of genetics or developed throughout their life? Different genetic traits and mental disorders such as depression are shown to both directly and/or indirectly affect the causes of addiction.

Addiction is often described as a progressive disease; Dr. Sack explains why addiction is described as a progressive disease. He describes health risks such as liver failure or coronary issues. Health risks can increase through continuous use of drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is a disease that is affecting more and more people every day with millions requiring but not receiving treatment and help, usually not even wanting it. Addiction can destroy not only the user but those around him/her, this can be changed. This video can help to identify addiction in oneself and others and hopefully speed them onto a path of recovery.

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