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Parents Perspective on Addiction

Paul and Andrea share on their experiences with having two children addicted to alcohol and methamphetamine.

Their daughter, who had a problem with alcohol, came forward in 2005 to her parents telling them she was an alcoholic and needed help. Paul and Andrea got her a therapist but 4 days later she relapsed on vodka and ended up in a car crash. Paul and Andrea then said she had check into a treatment center for recovery.

Their son, who had a problem with methamphetamine, was forced out of the house at the age of 18. Between the ages of 19 and 30 Paul and Andrea had little contact with their son but suspected his continuing use. In August 2008 he got arrested and went into a drug rehab.

Paul and Andrea took care of themselves by attending Al-anon meetings, having no prior experience. They describe Al-anon as seeming alien with many problems discussed but few solutions. However they found it comforting to relate to stories of other family members in the meetings.

Paul and Andrea worked on understanding the disease of addiction and allowed their children to be in charge of their own recovery. This helped them maintain their sanity in an otherwise chaotic life.

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