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Addiction in the Adult
Entertainment Industry

Laura, a recovering alcoholic and former adult film star, talks about her experiences from the adult film industry in regards to her addiction and her life since sobriety started. Laura describes the lifestyle she led in the adult entertainment industry as being very supportive of drug use. She doesn’t believe that the adult film industry turned her into an addict. Instead she believes that she was simply attracted to the industry because of her addiction.

Laura describes how, in the 1980’s, she completely lost control over alcohol and drugs. She, as many addicts can relate, experienced increased recklessness and impulsivity. Laura eventually decided she no longer had any use for drugs and alcohol and decided to turn her life around.

Laura then came into Alcoholics Anonymous for help. She describes AA as being a difficult experience with people recognizing her from the adult film industry and some people attempted to manipulate her. In Sobriety Laura continued working in the adult film industry and then moved onto working in recovery as a sober companion with those who had similar background.

In sobriety Laura goes on to say how she finds the disease of addiction can go sideways referring to the cross-addiction phenomena. She continues to be aware of potential for other behavioral addictions such as sex and food.

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