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Addiction Facts

When relating to alcoholism, diagnosis determines treatment. In order to label alcoholism as a disease we must first understand fully what a disease is. A disease is an irregular condition that affects the whole, or parts of the body. In this sense of the word, addiction is certainly a disease. It has been said that addiction is a threefold disease. This means that it is mental, physical as well as spiritual. Addiction, like other diseases, is one that misinformation or a lack of it can be fatal. Once a person recognizes addiction as a disease it is possible to move forward towards recovery. Due to the fact that the American government also recognizes addiction as a disease, treatment is covered under most health insurance plans.

Addiction Facts

When it comes to addiction it is important to focus on the facts. Myths about this disease often lead to denial, which can be a deadly foe.

  • Addiction rates are on the rise
  • Addiction is comparable to cancer and heart disease as far as its threat to health
  • One in ten people who drink becomes an alcoholic
  • Use of alcohol and illicit drugs is the number one cause of premature death amongst young people

Teen Addiction Facts

  • Drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent in high schools all across the United States.
  • More than half of teenagers about to graduate high school admit to experimenting with illegal drugs.
  • The earlier one begins to experiment with drugs and alcohol the higher the chances are that one will become an addict or alcoholic.
  • Young people that are educated about the facts of alcoholism on a regular basis are less likely to become alcoholic.

Addiction Myths

Misconceptions about addiction are common and unfortunate stigmas are attached to the word addiction. These are a few common myths relating to addiction.

  • Willpower is all one needs to stop using alcohol and drugs.
  • Treatment does not work.
  • People choose to become an alcoholic or drug addict.
  • Alcoholism is not a disease.

[ADUNIT]Alcoholism and Addiction

Addiction is a common disease that is potentially lethal. Addiction does not only affect the person with the disease, it also affects their families and friends. It is crucial that people know and understand the disease concept of addiction, along with the facts and myths. For this reason, knowledge and information are vital. If a person believes the common misconceptions related to this disease it is difficult to properly assess the problem. There are many ramifications related to the disease of addiction and it can be a long and strenuous battle. Recovery from this fatal and progressive disease is possible. There are many recovering drug addicts and alcoholics all over the world who have found a solution to their problem. Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness are the necessary components to recovery.

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