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Drug Addiction

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Written by: Editorial Staff.

What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction of drugs

Drug addiction is a disorder in which the progressive use of drugs develops into uncontrolled, compulsive use with no regard to the harmful consequences. Addiction can alter the chemical balance in your brain, which may affect your mood, energy level and behavior. Once the chemistry in your brain adapts to the drug presence, it will become harder to quit due to the withdrawal symptoms that are generated when the drug use is decreased or stopped.


Drug addiction is linked to many of the social problems in the United States. Statistics show that most cases of hepatitis C and approximately 1/3 of all AIDS cases are due to injected drug use. 50% of those arrested for theft, assault and homicide were under the influence of drugs. In addition, 60% of the individuals in federal prisons are serving time for drug related crimes.

Warning Signs And Symptoms of Drug Addiction

There are several warnings signs to look for if you think you or your loved one may be struggling with drug addiction. Warning signs include:

  • Mood change, easily angered
  • Unkempt physical appearance
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Unreliability, absence from school or work
  • Detached from family and friends
  • Change in sleep habits

Here are some common symptoms of drug addiction:

  • Desire to use drugs more often
  • Increasing the quantity of the drug being consumed
  • Arranging funds to buy drugs
  • Stocking up drugs at home
  • Not being able to give up drugs despite their harmful consequences
  • Giving up healthy habits

Reasons for Drug Use

Reason of Drug Addiction

Why would anyone use drugs if they know that it could lead to self-destruction? Some start by experimenting and then addiction cycle starts.

Peer Pressure

Some have friends that use drugs, and others just want to escape. Drugs confuse the brain cells by sending messages of euphoria. The more often you use drugs, the more drugs it will take to get you to feel that same sense of euphoria – this is called tolerance.

Once you are addicted, you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you attempt to quit using drugs. Withdrawal symptoms may be anything from the inability to sleep to severe muscle cramping and vomiting.


According to some experts, a person’s progress in consuming drugs depends on genetics. It means that those who have a family history of drug abuse are at higher risk of developing an addiction. Thus, such people should be especially cautious and refrain from indulging in such activities, even if it’s just for fun.

Lack of Family Support

Another common reason for prevalent drug addiction is the lack of family support. It has been seen that when parents tend to ignore their child and are way too busy in their lives, such neglected teens start doing drugs.

Life Incidents

When a person goes through a rough time in life, such as a breakup, death of a close one, low academic scores, or loss of job, they try to relax by using such products. With time, it becomes a way of life. Are you also using drugs and have become addicted to them? Try some online addiction tests to be sure.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction knows no race, age, creed or sexual identity. Anyone can struggle once they have crossed the line from abuse to addiction, and most will need help to stop and possibly a detox center. Drug addiction treatment can be anything from 12-step meetings, therapy, intensive out-patient treatment to a residential drug treatment center.