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Wayne Perry Interview

Wayne Perry, sound therapist and founder and director of the Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles agreed to an interview and invited Treatment4Addiction staff into his office this week.  Over a meal of spaghetti with faux-meat sauce he explained the principles of “vibrational medicine,” “sound medicine”, and bioacoustic therapy.  A former singer, he turned to healing when learning about the power of sound and vibration.  In addition to healing those who are sick, he also has worked with actors, such as Marlon Brando.  Treatment4Addiction chose Wayne Perry because of his reputation as being a phenomenal sound therapist and as a way of introducing readers to alternative, holistic methods of healing and recovery.

The foundation of the health and wellness concept is that everything is made of sound, including our bodies. It is “vibrational energy: sound.” Additionally, the voice is essential to the work, because the voice reflects brain waves.  Each individual has a distinct and unique “vibrational signature”.  Wayne Perry explained, “since everything is sound and vibration, there is not anything you can’t heal with the proper sound and vibrations.”

Wayne Perry tells the story of his own recent miraculous recovery: “I couldn’t walk; I couldn’t stand up; I was in a coma for a month and lost all my muscle mass.  I had to do a lot of physical therapy and sound therapy to get myself together.  Doctors said I wouldn’t walk for six months.  I was walking in two.  My kidneys failed.  I was on dialysis.  They said I’d probably be on it for the rest on of my life.  Through proper nutrition and sound therapy, I’m off of it.”  In the past, he spoke about the miracles involving his clients, but he now tells his own story.  He explains that while the body has a natural tendency to heal itself, “alcohol and drug abuse, bad air, bad food, pollution, have bad vibrational effects that prevent good health.”

Perry, who has occasionally worked with addicts and alcoholics, said that he would treat a client with addiction this way: “The first thing I would do is a diagnostic analysis to see what the root cause is.  Where they are out of balance: is it more physical, emotional, or psychological.  What things are preventing the body from healing themselves?  Given the right environment the body will do a lot of the natural self-healing.  We can’t just be fatalistic and not do a lot of common sense things and deal with conditioning things that come from our childhood.  It starts with the analysis that begins with this little device (a tuner).  So you understand how the body is made of frequency.  Your belief system is going to affect you.  Someone can have the most wonderful health and support, but if you’re not willing to accept it, you’re going to get very little benefit from it…that’s why a lot of alternative healing modalities fail…What good is it to release an addiction without follow through?  You have to fill the space.  If you release something, weight or a tumor or an addiction, if you’re able to transcend and release that addiction, what are you left with [an empty space] it’s very important to fill that empty space.  That’s why it is very important to understand these vibrational principles.”

Wayne Perry offers a variety of therapeutic services including analysis, assessment, alignment, toning and sounding, interpretation, and birth date and sacred symbol analyses.  He runs workshops, wrote Sound Medicine, and has a series of instructional and therapeutic CDs.  In 1993, he developed the Correlative Healing Chart for Sound Therapy and has also invented a wheel of frequencies to show the often related opposing frequencies.

Over the past 20 years, Wayne Perry has contributed to and shaped the sound therapy field.  While certainly eccentric, he is simultaneously well-grounded, theoretical, academic, and spiritual in his approach of the topic.  This multi-perspective methodology is what I think makes his therapeutic services so successful.


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