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Turbo Snort: The New Face of Caffeine Insufflation


GSC Enterprises, marketed as Greensations, released a new caffeinated nasal spray, Turbo Snort, in January 2012. The caffeinated nose spray is the first of its kind, however, the concept of insufflating caffeine is not a new one. Snorting caffeine pills has been reported to be highly effective for producing caffeine highs.

For both snorting pills and using a caffeinated nose spray, a smaller dosage is needed than when drinking a caffeinated beverage. The nasal delivery bypasses the blood brain barrier more directly and does not get broken down the stomach. Furthermore, insufflating caffeine eliminates the stomach discomfort often associated with drinking caffeinated beverages.

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However, snorting pills comes with many negative side effects including the potential for nose bleeds, sinus infections, nausea, and sinus congestion . Meanwhile, one review says that Turbo Snort has a positive effect on the nasal cavities, clearing sinuses with a pleasant peppermint scent . However, another reviewer found that Turbo Snort produced a runny nose and sore throat, and yet another experienced burning in his nose. Furthermore, Turbo Snort includes an amino acid blend of taurine, creatine, and glutamin.

Greensations recommends four sprays in each nostril for four to five hours and claims that this special formula prevents any of the symptoms associated with a caffeine crash. Many users reported that two sprays in each nostril is sufficient to produce alertness. There are 223 sprays of per bottle.

While there are many benefits to Turbo Snort, including the no-calorie energy boost with the advertised lack of a caffeine crash, insufflating the one mind altering drug accepted within the confines of the 12-step chemical dependency programs (other than psychiatric drugs prescribed by doctors) makes it more malevolent. Especially for the addicts and alcoholics who snorted their psych meds to get a high or snorted cocaine, it seems like a dangerous behavior to insufflate an acceptable substance for a mental effect. While it may not be a relapse in and of itself, it may trigger a relapse.

Furthermore, one man in sobriety postulates that it may be used as a method of suppressing emotions. While it isn’t a relapse, it is turning to a substance to alleviate feelings of weariness or low mood that easily could become a pattern.

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