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The Electronic Cigarette =======0~~~~~~


Since 2009 Electronic cigarettes, aka E-cigs, have become a hot commodity among cigarette smokers trying to quit their bad habit.  There has been much speculation by many different medical professionals on whether E-cigs are really a healthier alternative than the real thing.

Regular tobacco cigarettes for many years were billed as healthy, and it was not known to the people smoking them that they caused horrible side effects, the worst being cancer of the lungs.  Tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia are all in cigarette smoke, making these chemicals dreadfully harmful to the body.  Each year, an astounding 443,600 people (1,215 each day) die from smoking related illnesses.  These numbers is calculated just in the U.S, but imagine how many people worldwide die from it.  Smoking cigarettes is clearly not a good and healthy choice, but they are addictive and so many people are unable to stop smoking them.

E-cigs are in many consumers’ eyes a much better alternative because how could something that produces just vapor be bad for the body, especially the lungs?  There have not been many studies on whether this is true or not based on the fact that they have only been out on the market a short time.  It will be a few years before accurate studies can be done that show the long-term side effects of E-cigs.

What makes up an E-cig is quite simple.  The components include a metal container holding liquid, containing mostly of nicotine and other chemicals, a battery, and an atomizer, which is used to heat up the liquid, producing a smoke-like vapor.  The problem is that no conclusive studies have been done on what these “other chemicals” are, and many researchers believe that these chemicals are hazardous and shouldn’t be put into the lungs.

My own experience with using the E-cig is a good one in the fact that I feel a lot better physically than I did while I was smoking regular cigarettes.    I am no longer hacking up globs of mucus when I wake up anymore, and my lung function has quite improved and I feel a lot better overall.

It won’t be for a couple of more years until we see the actual results of what the E-cig is really all about.  Is it better than cigarettes?  Are E-cig users killing themselves faster?  We will have to wait to find out these answers…


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