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Internet Addiction Isn’t Just Japanese

Internet Addiction Isn’t Just Japanese

  A group of scientists sponsored by Japan’s government recently found that a significant portion of Japanese youths are likely addicted to the Internet, which can cause health problems, including sleep disruptions and negative mental effects. A team of researchers, led by Professor Takashi Oida of Nihon University, distributed a survey to nearly 140,000 students across Japan to find out how they utilize the internet, and how it affects them. A total of about 98,000 student … Read entire article »

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Can Kids Be Too Religious? Obsessive Behavior May Signify Mental Illness

  One of the roles of parents is to encourage healthy, positive activities in the lives of their children.  Many parents of religious children will encourage their children to partake in religious activity, whether as part of family tradition or because they believe that it brings comfort and improves the overall well-being of the child.  Unfortunately, not all religious activity is healthy, as hyper-religiosity may be a sign of a deeper mental illness issue.  “[Hyper-religiosity] looks positive but could be negative,” says Stephanie Mihalas, a UCLA professor and licensed clinical psychologist (Russo). According to Dr. Patrick Fagan of the Heritage Foundation, practicing religion promotes the well-being of individuals, families, and even the community.  Religion can be a positive force in the lives of both children and adults, according to Dr. Bill Hathaway, … Read entire article »

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Genetics and Addictions: What Predisposition Really Says About Becoming an Addict

  Addiction is a touchy topic, especially when it comes to the relationship of genetics causing a dependence of any sort. Recent studies have proved that while genetics can play a large role in predisposition, they cannot prove that someone will or will not become an addict, as addiction is a complex disease related to the interaction of both genetics and environmental factors.  After all, someone can be the only addict in their family, or they can be the only non-addict. No matter what role genetics play in a person’s likelihood of addiction, the focus should be on progress in terms of both the science of genetics and the treatment and prevention of addiction based on this available information. While genetics are not 100% responsible for a person’s descent into addiction, they … Read entire article »

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Family Healing

  It is a time of coming together on the planet.  This will require new kinds of communication between countries, and in communities and families – from the heart.  Intergenerational healing is necessary for us to come out of the current crisis.  Bridges must also be built between people from different religions and cultures, appreciating and learning from our differences, and pooling our strengths. Because each generation has its own gifts and challenges, and because the links of culture and place—which used to automatically bind families together—no longer exist due to the nomadic diaspora which characterizes our current times, creating harmony within the family requires more effort. Until recently in human history, people simply could not travel very far very fast.  Now it seems like the entire world is in our backyards. With … Read entire article »

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Amanda Beard: Her Struggles, Adversities, and Triumphs

  Amanda Beard—sports icon, mother, and gold medalist Olympic champion—is someone you would think has it all going and no worries in the world.  But in her new book, In the Water They Can’t See You Cry, she articulates her struggles with depression, cutting, and eating disorders she has dealt with throughout most of her life. Amanda Ray Beard was born on October 29, 1981, and seemed to have had the passion for swimming in her genes.  At the age of fourteen, she appeared in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, subsequently winning three medals—two gold and one silver—and becoming the second youngest American swimmer in history to achieve this feat in the process.  She went on to compete in several more Olympic games and other competitions, acquiring three more silver medals and one bronze … Read entire article »

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New First Aid Created for Mental Health and Signs of Substance Abuse

New First Aid Created for Mental Health and Signs of Substance Abuse

  First issued in the United States in 2008, the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) was created to help those individuals with mental health issues and substance abuse.  The kit was originally designed and marketed in 2001 by Australian Anthony Jorm, a well-known and admired mental health literacy professor, and Betty Kitchener, a nurse specializing in health education.  It was backed by ORYGEN Research Center at the University Of Melbourne, Australia, and has been reproduced in … Read entire article »

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The Needle and the Damage Undone

The Needle and the Damage Undone

  Heroin is a very popular drug around the world. Over the past couple years, heroin has become an epidemic. During my two years of using heroin, I have seen many friends go down with this drug addiction. Before I was using heroin, I was smoking weed on a daily basis. I first started smoking when I was a freshman in high school. Sophomore year came around and I didn’t smoke weed more than ten times. By … Read entire article »

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