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Dr. Phil Interview Reveals That Dina Lohan is Just as F**ked Up as Her Daughter

  On Monday, September 18, 2012, Dr. Phil sat down with Dina and Michael Lohan to discuss their famous and troubled daughter, but Lindsay didn’t seem to come up much in his efforts to interview them. The two were interviewed separately, of course, as Dina currently has an active restraining order against her ex-husband and there is, according to Dina, a warrant out for his arrest due to unpaid child support.  Dr. Phil had to interview Michael via satellite because traveling with a warrant out for your arrest is pretty tricky. From the very start of Dina’s interview she seemed a bit off—more than a bit, actually.  She seemed to be jittery and fidgety and at one point tried to “fist pump” Dr. Phil—but he definitely wasn’t having any of it.  He … Read entire article »

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Insecurities Are a Toxic Waste for the Mind

“Bad directors will tell you they absolutely know how to do it, and how it has to happen.  There’s this insecurity that leads them to feeling like they have to control everything” – Canadian actress Molly Parker.   For the last decade I have tried to be the director of every romantic situation that happened to me in my life.  From the start of what I thought would become wonderful and happy relationships to their heartbreaking conclusions, I have experienced a collection of insecurities, mostly in the field of dating and encounters with women. I guess I will start with the story of my first relationship and how it affected my previously healthy (or so I thought) sense of security. When I was just thirteen years-old, I met a beautiful girl at a school dance, … Read entire article »

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The People I Met in Treatment

  Oh, the people you’ll meet in treatment. The individuals I have encountered in various detox facilities were by far my favorite bunch of treatment-folk.  This is where I first discovered how anyone and everyone, no matter where they had come from (socially, financially, etc.), can have their lives devoured by addiction. The consequence of being confined to a small series of hallways and rooms with a dozen or so people who were all in the initial phase of withdrawing from their chemicals of choice created an atmosphere where the only activity that was remotely enjoyable, besides sleeping (if you were lucky), was developing a connection with another person, however impersonal it may have been. A combination of having finally detached from my usual score-and-use routine, being a hyper-sensitive dope sick junkie, the unavoidable … Read entire article »

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Girls,, and the Heartache of Online Dating

  Well, in a piece I wrote earlier I shared with you that I had started talking with someone from the infamous online dating site,, and things were going well.  Things seemed to be going well until just about an hour ago, that is.  While on my way to a local burger joint to fetch a bite to eat during my lunch break, I received a text from the girl whom, at this point, I had become infatuated with.  I excitedly clicked on the text, having just spent much of the morning debating whether to meet her where she lived (an hour away from where I live) or pick her up and drive her to my neck the woods; where to take her once we did meet up; and how … Read entire article »

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Sex and Love Songs

  When I listen to the radio or even my own music, certain songs trigger my sex and love addiction.  It is not necessarily that these songs immediately make me want to act out and get close to someone in a hastily and malformed manner, but it generally does create a sense of unfulfilled desire or emptiness.  It triggers the thought that I, as I am, alone, am not good enough.  Good enough for what?  Sometimes it is happiness, to be loved, to have sex with, to form a relationship with, or to get fulfillment in life.  I start reminiscing on my past sexual and romantic engagements only to glorify and idealize them, forgetting all of the heartbreak, anxiety, discontent, dangerous situations, and health risks that came with it. Maybe, all of … Read entire article »

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Adventures in SoberLand

  For the past seven months that I have been sober from my two addictions of choice, alcohol and marijuana, and living in what I like to call SoberLand; I have had a lot of fun. .  My life has completely turned around in a full 180 and I have enjoyed everything about it. It was hard in the beginning, getting used to the feelings that I couldn’t numb out with cheap vodka or smoking a weed-packed bong. The more time I got sober and developed a relationship with a higher power things got better.  I started taking pleasure in everything I did, and the uncomfortable feelings soon subsided .  When I went out I was content with being in that situation and not under the influence, which in the past I always had to be to … Read entire article »

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Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

  I recently started working on my ninth step.  My sponsor and I went over the Twelve and Twelve’s chapter on step 9 and then discussed the importance of the amends process and how they differ from the standard “I’m sorry” apology.  She stressed that I generally should avoid the term “sorry.”  I found that odd at first, because I had thought that essentially was the point of the ninth step, to admit our fault through … Read entire article »

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Personal Accountability

  Personal accountability is an essential component of recovery, one that many addicts are lacking as a result of their habitual drug abuse.  The experienced drug user will use any means necessary to withdraw from family, friends, work, or anything else that might interfere with his using and abusing.  I know this because I have acted this way in my life. Simply put, I chose marijuana over people I loved.  The result was friends lost and people hurt.  In my lifetime, I have spent numerous hours, days, and even weeks consuming my drug of choice rather than living a healthy life. The use of marijuana or other drugs is often done in groups of people who may be considered “friends” by the user.  Who knows how far they would go for each other?  … Read entire article »

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Wade in waves: Reflecting on the Past

  There are a few stories in my life that escaped an ending, that rebuked any closure. The relationships that simply drift away, but leave waves that every so often splash so savagely on my memory that my eyes begin to sting and my dreams become frequent and marred. These are the few that are truly ingrained, that still leave me dripping from my extremities, a watercolor that cannot dry. I used because I didn’t know what I wanted. I loosely grasped at the strings of who I was. For isn’t what one desires a fundamental piece of defining oneself? That which I desire shows the emphasis I put on different aspects of my life. It shows what discard and what I hold dear. It shows what I am willing to settle … Read entire article »

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Dating Inside the Rooms of AA

Dating Inside the Rooms of AA

  One of the rules for being in the AA program is to not get involved in any relationships during the first year of your sobriety.  And it is suggested that you not date anyone you have met in the rooms of AA.  To say this can be a difficult rule to follow is an understatement. I am currently 19 years-old; I have been in treatment for about 9 months.  I guess you can call me a … Read entire article »

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