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Fast Food Addiction: The Big Mac and the Damage Done

Fast Food Addiction: The Big Mac and the Damage Done

  Words often take on multiple meanings over time as they become absorbed by large and widespread populations.  Some words that have cut and dried definitions in one era evolve double entendre definitions with subsequent generations, eliciting giggle fits if used unwittingly.  Other words seem to have the same connotation regardless of what they’re attached to.  Thus, it would seem no mere coincidence that the word “junk” is both slang for heroin and unhealthy foods … Read entire article »

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Possible New JFAA Fellowship – Junk Food Addicts Anonymous?

We all know bacon drenched in gravy and a side of biscuits probably isn’t your healthiest breakfast choice. However, when we bought the container of bacon at our local Stop ‘n Shop, would we have thought twice about buying it if the package had contained a warning indicating the addictive potential of the bacon? Scientists’ emerging research shows a parallel between the brain’s reactions that occur with substances such as morphine, cocaine and heroin and reactions that occur with junk food such as candy, chips, sodas, fast foods — anything that tastes really, really delicious and releases dopamine in the brain upon consumption. Scientists used rats to study affects on the brain when junk food such as icing, chocolate, and sausage were eaten. The rat’s resulting brain were almost duplicates … Read entire article »

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