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Electronic Cigarettes Grow in Popularity, Despite Health Concerns

  You may have seen them at the mall, in a movie theater, or in a restaurant.  Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are everywhere these days.  There have been numerous claims that smokeless cigs are a healthy alternative to smoking and that they are useful in combating addiction.  Recently, however, an Italian health minister official said that there is no scientific proof to substantiate those claims, and that they could be very harmful. The e-cigarette is like a hand-held electronic vaporizer, with a reservoir for aroma solution that contains tobacco’s addiction-forming nicotine.  A battery-powered atomizer in the device vaporizes the solution, which contains nicotine, creating a smoke-like vapor that enters the bloodstream via the lungs. Scientists who have studied the electronic cigarette say that the smoke it produces is less toxic than a regular cigarette, … Read entire article »

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The Ridiculous Epidemic of Smoking Meditation and E-Cigarettes

  It was recently brought to my attention (which I thought was in jest) that a new method for quitting smoking is reigning in a growing number of followers.  Apparently, there is a new ruse out there that doing meditation while smoking increases the benefits of the latter. Look, I’m all for finding useful activities to do while doing one activity.  Multitasking is an essential aspect of life and makes us feel more accomplished and proud of our use of time.  However, I’m not jumping on this ludicrous bandwagon to engage in meditation while one partakes in smoking a cigarette.  People smoke for an endless number of reasons that I’m not about to begin to quantify.  Yet, looking at this new (for lack of a better word) phenomenon, in addition to the … Read entire article »

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