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Cory Monteith Dies at 31 From Apparent Drug Overdose

  Cory Monteith made headlines earlier this year after entering rehab for a second time, with the support of his co-star and real life love, Lea Michele. Just a few years prior, Monteith gave interviews in which he candidly addressed his out-of-control past and addiction, noting that he was “lucky to be alive” (Donnelly). Sadly, it seems that the 31-year-old actor succumbed to his addiction once more, and died this past Saturday from an apparent drug overdose (Mandell). Unfortunately, this story is not unique – people just like Cory Monteith die every day from drug overdoses and other drug-related causes. Cory Monteith skyrocketed to fame when he got the role of Finn Hudson on the hit show ‘Glee’. Since then, he had been candid about his struggles with addiction, stating that he’d … Read entire article »

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Drug Overdose Deaths Are On the Rise

Drug Overdose Deaths Are On the Rise

  Referring back to the 2010 National Center for Health Statistics, scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that an astonishing 38,329 people died in the U.S. due to drug overdose.  Sadly this number signifies the 11th consecutive year that the death rate of overdoses has increased, specifically 3.6 percent from 2009 to 2010. Some of the study’s key findings: About 60 percent (16,651) of all fatal overdoses involved pharmaceuticals. Of all the prescription drugs taken, … Read entire article »

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More Homeless People Die of Drug Overdose than HIV

More Homeless People Die of Drug Overdose than HIV

The homeless are a part of our society that, sadly, seems to go unnoticed by the majority of the population until something drastic is discovered. In the 1980s and ‘90s, when HIV was a largely inexplicable phenomenon, many homeless people were suffering and dying; society took notice. Well, it isn’t HIV anymore. According to a five year study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, the number one … Read entire article »

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Tragedy Strikes the Sterling Family

  Scott Sterling, the 32-year-old son of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was found dead on January 2nd, 2013.  Officials say his death was due to an apparent drug overdose. Before being found by homicide detectives at his apartment complex in the 22600 block of Pacific Coast Highway at about 11:30 p.m., friends and family had been trying to contact Sterling for several days but with no answer.  Officials said that it was unclear what kinds of drugs were involved in the overdose and whether Sterling was taking any prescription medications at the time of his death. Scott’s mother, Shelley Sterling, stated shortly after hearing the devastating news, “Our son Scott has fought a long and valiant battle against Type 1 Diabetes.  His death is a terrible tragedy, the effects of which … Read entire article »

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A New Bill Proposed to Give Legal Immunity to Drug Users in Medical Emergency

  On August 27, 2012, California lawmakers sent Governor Jerry Brown a bill that would allow drug users to seek medical assistance for an overdose or the overdose of another user with legal immunity from being charged for being intoxicated illegally and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D- San Francisco) proposed the bill, AB 472, in an attempt to prevent unnecessary deaths from overdoses due to drug users not utilizing medical resources for fear of legal retribution. Other states have already implemented similar laws, referred to as “911 Good Samaritan” laws.  Currently, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey also has a 911 Good Samaritan law allowing drug users to call for themselves or acquaintances waiting to be signed. The New Jersey director for the Drug Policy Alliance spoke about the … Read entire article »

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Icon Marilyn Monroe: Sex, Drugs, Overdose

  Marilyn Monroe was blonde.  She was a beautiful, buxom, brainy (not a known fact), bodacious, bootylicious, bubbly, blue-eyed, buoyant (in film, anyway), bedazzling blonde with an “e” icon who changed the face of magazines, fashion, and film in the 1950’s.  She was the muse for the Elton John song “Candle in the Wind,” which, when rerecorded in 1997 as a tribute to newly deceased Princess Diana, became the biggest selling single of all-time.  Only Cleopatra, Mary of Nazareth, Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Mother Theresa, Madonna, and the aforementioned Princess Diana, can claim greater name recognition among female historical figures (assuming Madonna counts as a historical figure). Brunette by birth, blonde by choice and shuffled between a series of foster homes at a young age, her looks and personality sparkled as … Read entire article »

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Loss in Sobriety

Loss in Sobriety

  Loss is inevitable.  We addicts live in a circle where not everyone survives.  It is the hunger games of addiction – except, instead of taking out one another the disease does it for us.  The chances of survival, though, are about the same.  We fight each day to come out on top of the disease and, if we falter – if we give in – we might not come out alive.  Relapse occurs quite frequently … Read entire article »

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Drug use always seems harmless until the physical symptoms of addiction begin to take hold. That is how my abuse of opiates went at least. When someone would tell me that I needed to slow down or take a break, I would just say “I am not addicted, I have no withdrawals! Everything is fine”. That could not have been farther from the truth. Even before the cold sweats, the insomnia, the severe joint pain, I was already rooted in drug addiction. When the physical withdrawals finally kicked in, I did not care in the slightest. All that did was give me an excuse to continue to get loaded.   Eventually, I tried to detox on my own. Even though my mind wanted me to continue, my body wanted out. Those were … Read entire article »

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Ravers Kill Dolphins

  A recent disturbing toxicology report on two deceased dolphins was leaked this week showing that two dolphins had buprenorphine (Suboxone or Subutex) in their systems.  The dolphins lived at Connyland Zoo in Switzerland; the zoo rented out part of their property for a rave against the advice of animal rights advocacy groups.  The dolphins died in November of 2011, Shadow just after the rave and Chelmers two days later (Batt, 2012).  Before passing, Shadow appeared, “disoriented and distressed” (Australian Times, 2011). Buprenorphine causes respiratory depression and drowsiness, and dolphins are conscious breathers.  It is likely that they were unable to breathe (Batt, 2012). Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate that is used medically for individuals addicted to heroin and to control pain in non-addicts.  Opiate individuals take buprenorphine in high doses marketed as Suboxone … Read entire article »

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Crackhead Soldier

Crackhead Soldier

  Active drugs addicts are, by any definition, totally insane.  Pursuing our addictions means that we all have tales of madness and the embarrassing shame that comes with being out of one’s mind.  What can we do to turn these painful recollections into a useful piece of recovery?  For my money I think Richard Pryor had the right idea.  He somehow turned even the horrible experience of lighting himself on fire while cooking freebase into hilarious … Read entire article »

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