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Methadone Maintenance

Methadone Maintenance

  During the last days of my most recent run, Methadone maintenance sounded like my only viable route towards ending my thirteen-month long relapse and maybe having a life again.  Before I was kicked out of the New York City apartment I had been sharing for several months due to the discovery of one of my dirty needles in the couch, a family member put me in touch with a second cousin who had been a … Read entire article »

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An Addict’s Will to Change

An Addict’s Will to Change

  I had fifteen months clean before I relapsed on May 11, 2011.  My run lasted a little over a year.  I thought I would only use one time so I could escape from the immediate situation and the hell inside my head, but heroin doesn’t work that way – certainly not for me.  One night turned into a year and I still feel like I just woke up from some awful fever dream. The first few … Read entire article »

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Dope Sick Detox

Dope Sick Detox

  I knew my last fix would arrive shortly upon waking up from an entirely unpleasant half-sleep in the backseat of my car. It was a quick drive to my favorite coffee shop where inside there was a restroom with two trustworthy locks on the door. I have always been a committed practitioner of making sure no one would have the opportunity to catch me in the act. After shooting up most my heroin, I stepped … Read entire article »

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Narcan: Saving the Lives of Heroin Addicts

The lives of heroin users are being saved all around the United States due to a miracle drug that is now readily available to them. Narcan, otherwise known as Naloxone, reverses the effects of an opiate overdoes. It used to just be administered to doctors and paramedics but is now available to the public, and most of the time with no cost. The one requirement needed to obtain this drug, is to be trained on how to use it. Narcan is injected when a person overdoses, is non responsive and cannot be revived by CPR. 1cc is given and takes just a few minutes to work; however a person may need more than one shot. The drug wears off in 30-90 minutes. Once the … Read entire article »

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Possible Bad Batch of Heroin Causing Rise in Overdoses

Four overdoses, one day, one city. Utah medics are particularly concerned about the number of heroin overdoses lately; could it be due to the economy? Unified Fire Authority Capt. Fitz Peterson believes this recession has a lot to do with this alarming problem. Fatality occurred in at least half of Peterson’s cases. One of the victims, a 20 year old male, is now brain dead because neither he nor the other victims were breathing sufficiently to maintain their lives. The bizarre raise in heroin overdoses in Salt Lake County has officials on extra alert and outreach for users to get help. Some investigators have a sneaking suspicion that a “bad batch” of heroin has reached the streets in Salt Lake County. Peterson is encouraging users to dispense … Read entire article »

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