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Philip Seymour Hoffman Back on the Wagon

  The well known actor Philip Seymour Hoffman recently completed a 10-day detox program following a relapse that started with prescription pills and escalated to heroin use. The star formerly had 23 years of sobriety, but what is most important is that he addressed his relapse before it was too bad and that he is clean and sober again. Hoffman checked into a detox facility following a yearlong relapse. He fell off of the wagon by abusing prescription pills and eventually began using heroin. Thankfully, he was only using heroin for about a week before deciding to seek help for his addiction. This rendezvous didn’t take his life, nor did it cost him his job, or any of the other things that we commonly hear accompanying benders. Did it affect his psyche and … Read entire article »

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Heroin Detox Handbook

  How to make the detox from heroin (and other opiates) as easy and painless as possible So, you’ve taken the first step and decided to kick your heroin habit, but are worried about the harsh withdrawal symptoms. Whether you go cold turkey or gradually lien off, detoxing is never easy. Withdrawal symptoms include sweating, insomnia, chills, muscle cramps, bone aches, panic, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fever, runny nose, and depression. The symptoms usually peak around 48-72 hours after last use and can last about a week. Here are a few tips that can help you along the detox process and make things a little less traumatic. One common way to ease the suffering of detox from heroin is to get a Suboxone or Methadone prescription. This is the most comfortable way to detox; … Read entire article »

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Is Treatment for Drug Addiction on the New Pope’s Agenda?

Is Treatment for Drug Addiction on the New Pope’s Agenda?

  After 2000 years of Papal history, the Catholic Church’s new spiritual leader Pope Francis has become the first pontiff from outside Europe. A humble and studious man, Francis stands as a clear indication that the church is expanding its horizons and potentially opening up to more modern views on the world and its problems. The so-called “drug war” that is now going on in Latin America is one of the world’s biggest problems. Drugs claim millions … Read entire article »

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Detoxing from Heroin without the Use of Suboxone or Subutex May Benefit Long Term Recovery

Detoxing from Heroin without the Use of Suboxone or Subutex May Benefit Long Term Recovery

  Detoxing from heroin or other opiates is a physically and emotionally painful process. The cravings, cold sweats, the aches and pains – the list goes on and on. Nevertheless it’s all part of what kicking the drugs takes. No matter what setting a person detoxes in, it is neither a pleasant nor comfortable experience. With the aid of drugs like Suboxone, detox is supposed to be a more comfortable and easily managed experience. It has even … Read entire article »

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Facts About Promethazine

  Promethazine is a type of phenothiazine antihistamine, and it works by changing the actions of chemicals in the brain, including histamine.  Promethazine has numerous uses, such as treating allergy symptoms, preventing motion sickness, treating nausea, and vomiting or pain after surgery.  It may also be used as a sedative or sleep aid. Promethazine was first made available in the United Kingdom in 1951. What are the street names? The street names that are associated with promethazine include lean, purple sprite, sizzurp, purple drank, drank, and promo, among others.  Usually promethazine is offered in combination with codeine in the form of a cough syrup.  The cough syrup cocktail containing promethazine and codeine is mentioned by literally dozens of prolific hip-hop artists including Kanye West, Three 6 Mafia, DJ Screw, E-40, UGK,  D12, Eminem, Lil’ … Read entire article »

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The Dangers of Self-Detoxing

  Detoxing from any substance, be it alcohol or drugs, is a dangerous practice even when in the care of professionals.  Trying to detox alone without the supervision of a specialist is even more unsafe.  When people self-detox they take unforeseen risks that could result in serious injury or death.  It is always wise to have professionals help with the process to oversee the completion of an effective and, most importantly, safe detox. There are three substances in particular that are extremely dangerous to get off of and the utmost precaution must be taken when doing so.  The first is alcohol, which is the most dangerous substance to detox from and can, in some cases, lead to death. Initial alcohol detox symptoms may include the following: Anxiety Convulsions Delirium tremens Hallucinations Heart failure Insomnia Nausea Seizures Shakiness   Most people addicted to alcohol need … Read entire article »

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Standards for Counselors in Treatment

  Since early 2008 I have visited, stayed at, and left two residential treatment facilities, three detox units (one of which I visited three times for ten or so days, another for six days, and the other for a night), and three sober livings (one I am currently a resident of, another I lived in on two separate occasions for several months, and one where I stayed for only a month). When looking back on the quality of treatment I received, it is safe to say that none of these experiences was quite like the other. The context in which I found myself needing to seek treatment differed from run to run, which may have influenced how I experienced each detox, rehab, and sober living. However, upon reflection, I can clearly remember … Read entire article »

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The People I Met in Treatment

  Oh, the people you’ll meet in treatment. The individuals I have encountered in various detox facilities were by far my favorite bunch of treatment-folk.  This is where I first discovered how anyone and everyone, no matter where they had come from (socially, financially, etc.), can have their lives devoured by addiction. The consequence of being confined to a small series of hallways and rooms with a dozen or so people who were all in the initial phase of withdrawing from their chemicals of choice created an atmosphere where the only activity that was remotely enjoyable, besides sleeping (if you were lucky), was developing a connection with another person, however impersonal it may have been. A combination of having finally detached from my usual score-and-use routine, being a hyper-sensitive dope sick junkie, the unavoidable … Read entire article »

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My First Twenty- Four Hours in Treatment

My First Twenty- Four Hours in Treatment

  My life made a turn for the best June 13th, 2012. Out of options, drug rehabilitation treatment finally seemed like the right thing to do. My parents had been suggesting this and even demanding this for years, but now the time had finally come.  I did not realize that going into drug treatment would be such a rigorous encounter. I thought that the most difficult aspect would be simply not using. It wasn’t. Everything else … Read entire article »

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Detox and Madness – L. Ron Hubbard’s Philosophy

Detox and Madness – L. Ron Hubbard’s Philosophy

  Narconon is a detox and rehabilitation program affiliated with the Church of Scientology. Simply mentioning the word “Scientology” often triggers a response in anyone who’s followed the news over the last 20 years or heard of the Church’s often controversial practices and legal affairs. This article will be no different. Based fundamentally on the philosophy of the Church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, Narconon’s treatment program employs a mass of highly questionable detoxification and rehabilitation practices … Read entire article »

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