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The Dangers of Self-Detoxing

  Detoxing from any substance, be it alcohol or drugs, is a dangerous practice even when in the care of professionals.  Trying to detox alone without the supervision of a specialist is even more unsafe.  When people self-detox they take unforeseen risks that could result in serious injury or death.  It is always wise to have professionals help with the process to oversee the completion of an effective and, most importantly, safe detox. There are three substances in particular that are extremely dangerous to get off of and the utmost precaution must be taken when doing so.  The first is alcohol, which is the most dangerous substance to detox from and can, in some cases, lead to death. Initial alcohol detox symptoms may include the following: Anxiety Convulsions Delirium tremens Hallucinations Heart failure Insomnia Nausea Seizures Shakiness   Most people addicted to alcohol need … Read entire article »

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Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

  I recently started working on my ninth step.  My sponsor and I went over the Twelve and Twelve’s chapter on step 9 and then discussed the importance of the amends process and how they differ from the standard “I’m sorry” apology.  She stressed that I generally should avoid the term “sorry.”  I found that odd at first, because I had thought that essentially was the point of the ninth step, to admit our fault through … Read entire article »

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Dangers of Energy Drinks

  Hidden amongst all of the wonderful modifications I have made over the last 6 months of my sobriety is a change that I am not too happy about.  I have been experiencing a new found affinity towards caffeinated products, which has been bordering on what I would call an addiction.  Is it possible that someone can truly be addicted to energy drinks?  I believe you can.  Energy drinks are stimulants and can produce effects similar to drugs like cocaine.  When consumed in excess, energy drinks may cause euphoria but often induce bouts of paranoia, agitation, anxiety, and insomnia.  Sound familiar to any of you meth addicts out there?  Some other symptoms linked to excessive caffeine intake through energy drinks include increased urination, abnormal heart rhythms, and dyspepsia (indigestion).  Since energy … Read entire article »

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