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Remaining Anonymous in AA

  As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, anonymity is often a very pressing issue and topic of controversy. It is one of those grey areas of the program open to dispute. The 11th and 12th traditions both deal in the subject.  At the group level, I find that it keeps the common good of the organization as top priority: “… ever reminding us to place principles before personalities”. Not one person takes precedence over another. We are all equals.  Our careers, financial well-being, social status, our time sober, our race, religion, or creed: none of these issues should be taken into consideration at any meeting.  Not only that, but, if one is of high social stature, their word may be given a higher value by another. Also, the program is to … Read entire article »

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Rebut to “Addiction Expert’s” Rant on Alcoholics Anonymous

According to addiction expert Stanton Peele, there’s a dangerous organization that has the entire world’s safety in jeopardy. This organization is comprised of men and women from all races and creeds, rich and poor and is coming to a town near you! In fact, you may already be living right next door to one of their secret meeting hide outs. Their goals are to be happy joyous and free, to help those in trouble, and to mend relationships from the past in order to live a full and happy life free from drugs and alcohol. The organization costs no money and has no rules or regulations, and no leader. What’s even more frightening is that you may work with a member or even have one in your family! They like … Read entire article »

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