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Needle Exchange Programs Benefit Entire Community

Needle Exchange Programs Benefit Entire Community

  When drug addicts take a step deeper in their addiction, they may begin to shoot up their drugs of choice intravenously. IV drug users are at a very high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS or other transmittable diseases, especially if they are sharing and reusing needles. In the late 1980’s, needle exchange programs started to pop up around the country in order to combat the HIV epidemic among drug users by providing clean needles and a … Read entire article »

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Defining Addiction

Defining Addiction

  We hear people say all the time how they are addicted to a certain substance, person or act, but what really defines an addiction?  Traditionally, the term addiction had been limited to drugs and alcohol.  Nowadays however, it seems as though people can be addicted to just about anything.  The New York Times recently reported major addictions that are a little out of the ordinary including video games, watching television, and junk food (Peele). With these … Read entire article »

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Facts About Ibogaine

  Ibogaine is a hallucinogenic that is known for its extreme and long-lasting hallucinogenic effects.  It is derived from a number of different plants stemming from West Africa.  The chemical name for the drug is 12-Methoxyibogamine (C20H26N2O).  It is a naturally-occurring dole alkaloid in the tryptamine family. Originally it was only used in West Africa for religious ceremonies and gatherings.  There has not been much interest shown in using Ibogaine as a recreational drug, but since the 1960’s it has been known to be used for anti-addiction therapy, mostly for the treatment of opiate addiction.  It is illegal to possess or sell Ibogaine in the United States and is rarely found on the black market.  It is often extracted from plant material but people have been known to synthesize it. When Ibogaine is … Read entire article »

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Hitting Your Low Point in Addiction

  Hitting your low refers to when an alcoholic’s or drug addict’s life becomes so unbearable that they ‘hit their low’ and the only way out it seems, is to get sober.  Sobriety is a choice which normal people would probably have made way further up the line but remember, that’s why it’s called a disease. There are many ways someone will eventually hit his/her low.  Sometimes it is a single harrowing moment in their usage; other times it’s an accumulation of disasters building up to force this decision.  Everyone has a different low they need to sink to but here are some of the common factors leading to a low: Homelessness: Many addicts and alcoholics will experiences points in their usage where they find themselves homeless.  These horrible experiences may include sleeping … Read entire article »

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The Footwork of Finding an Apartment

The Footwork of Finding an Apartment

  After someone has been through a successful stint in drug or alcohol rehabilitation, that person may look forward to the joy of reclaiming his or her independence.  Having lived in a sheltered environment like a sober living house or inpatient treatment center, many addicts become so accustomed to that environment that they may not wish to reassume the responsibilities of managing their own lives.  However, the majority are ready to move out.  After spending months … Read entire article »

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  It was a long, hard day.  You worked grueling hours, tolerated people’s antics, and even acted nice towards your boss, who doesn’t pay enough.  As you are clocking out, your co-worker approaches you to ask if you want to go and get a cold drink.  Sweating beads, what would you say? In my former days as an addict I might have thought that my co-worker was suggesting that we head over to the nearest bar for a drink.  My mind would go to beer and my response would be “yes.”  So, I would have fallen for my co-workers ploy and given in, even buying him the luscious liquid. A few days later, things seem different at work.  You are getting dirty looks from your co-workers.  On the schedule you notice that your … Read entire article »

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MasterCard for Addicts

  Three recovering addicts have started the company “Next Step Card” in an attempt to provide monitored credit cards to recovering addicts.  Backed my MasterCard, the new credit card is loaded with funds and monitored by parents or guardians to ensure proper usage.  The developers of the card say the idea came to fruition late one night when they were discussing responsible ways for addicts to regain the trust of others in their lives as well as develop personal financial responsibility. Many recovering addicts lack any understanding of financial responsibility and the impact their choices as addicts have had and will continue to have on their lives.  Many have lost touch with reality both literally and figuratively.  Addicts have come to live dollar to dollar, whereas most responsible young adults aim to … Read entire article »

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The Spectrum of Alcohol Abuse from High School to College

  Alcohol abuse and addiction are widely credited as having their origins in early onset drinking during youth.  Starting for most youths in high school and continuing into college, alcohol abuse can be attributed to a variety of factors that differ when looking at certain age demographics of addicts.  For me, my evolution with drinking changed greatly during my teen and college years and now that I am assessing my path I would like to take a look at what I believe are some the reasons for that change. In high school my identity wasn’t shaped entirely by alcohol, yet it did change who I was, what I valued, and how I came to develop a lax attitude in my perceptions and beliefs about the damage that alcohol was causing to all aspects of … Read entire article »

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The Importance of Outside Issues

  Sometimes I hear individuals at Alcoholics Anonymous speak about their desire to keep outside issues separate from their meetings.  The term, “outside issues,” may be used to refer to several different things.  Sometimes individuals using the term mean that others should limit their shares to discussing their addictions to alcohol.  This is founded on the belief that if an individual struggles with an addiction to a substance other than alcohol, he or she should find a more appropriate 12-step fellowship like Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous. Alternatively, outside issues may refer more broadly to any subject not pertaining specifically to alcoholism (i.e., eating disorders or mental illnesses).  While I understand that individuals go to Alcoholics Anonymous for the feeling of likeness and fellowship, I believe that by making that distinction and … Read entire article »

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Kathie Lee Gifford Criticizes Parents of Addicts and Gets Criticized in Return

  Kathie Lee Gifford, a very well-known and recognized T.V personality star, featured on countless shows, has done very well for herself over the years.  Her most famous role was appearing alongside Regis Philbin as his co-host on the daytime talk show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Just recently in an interview with the magazine Family Circle, Gifford went on a rant about how the parents of drug addicts are basically failures and did a bad job raising their children.  She went on to say more about the subject accusing the parents of drug and alcohol addicted kids that they must not be doing something right if their sons or daughters are getting into trouble with the law because of their habit.  She said this about her own parenting skills, “”I’m … Read entire article »

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