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The Internet is a limitless network of information that can be used for almost anything, but now with the new online decentralized currency called Bitcoin, people can purchase illegal drugs from the Internet. A website called Silk Road is an anonymous website that is similar to Amazon and Ebay with an online shopping cart and a user-feedback system. By purchasing drugs from this website you can obtain drugs without ever having to leave your house they will come to your door in an envelope or package. This might seem like it is a bad idea and that someone will catch on but the only personal information shared is the address of where you want your package to arrive.

Bitcoin is a new electronic decentralized currency that is valued by a peer-to-peer network, is not controlled by any bank or government and is not taxed. With the exception of the central log that keeps track of transactions made with Bitcoin, it is completely anonymous and government agency would have to use sophisticated network analysis techniques to trace the transactions back to an individual user. Besides buying drugs, Bitcoins are used for buying other items such as videogames, books and other perfectly legal products.

Since Silk Road is a completely anonymous network Bitcoins are the perfect currency to keep the network as anonymous as possible. In fact if you do not have the program TOR, which masks a users tracks on the internet making them untraceable, you cannot access Silk Road. Not just anyone can use TOR. It takes some technical skills just to setup and only those with intimate knowledge of computers can do this.

Once users are untraceable and find this mysterious website that can’t be tracked, they can purchase illegal products as if they were on amazon. The website has a list of items that you can view and select including most illegal drugs and the different types of that drug and like ebay sellers, are rated by users for credibility so you will know if the seller has a good reputation. Once you have decided you wish to purchase an item you simply click ‘add to cart,’ then go to check out and use your Bitcoins. Soon you will receive a discreet package with the product you purchased.

This is a whole new type of black-market. There is no physical meeting place or face-to-face interaction between seller and buyer but only anonymous users on an untraceable website. Also, the currency used is not regulated or controlled by any entity and is not taxed so almost all aspects of the market come from users and peer-to-peer networking. This is just the next step in the innovation of technology being used to traffic drugs. Although it does make life a lot safer for the user since they do not have to personally meet with drug dealers, in the end, government agencies will begin to search for ways to combat this non-existent market and attempt to shut it down but at the moment they have no way to deal with the issue and the transactions continue.

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