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Recovery Apps for iPhones, iPod Touches and Androids

There are many Apps in the marketplace that are recovery related.  Some are free, and some of them will cost you.  Fortunately, there are many free recovery-related apps, most of which I have downloaded and will review here.  Each app is given a rating between one and five stars, five being best.  A list of features is also provided to help you in the selection process.

iPromises  * * * / 5
Promises Treatment Centers and Elements Behavioral Health have developed i-Promises, an app which provides tools and support for those in addiction recovery.

- Daily reflections
- Recovery calculator that shows you how many days you have been sober
- A calendar that keeps track of the 12-Step meetings you attend regularly
- A tool that lets users monitor their moods and relapse triggers
- A contact list for all of your 12-Step friends
- Links with descriptions of various 12-Step groups
- A journal where you can describe your mood, challenges, and accomplishments for the day
- A travel guide with information about meetings held throughout the country

The iPromises app has garnered over 180 reviews and over 20,000 downloads on iTunes, maintaining a four-star average since its launch in June 2010.  The app was also featured in the December 2010/January 2011 edition of Inc. Magazine’s “App Time.”  In my humble opinion, this app has a lot of features you simply do not need to utilize.



One Recovery  * * * * * / 5
One Recovery is an app created by OneHealth Solutions, Inc.  It was made by people in recovery for people in recovery.  It offers a space for members to work on their recovery programs, share stories, and support one another in their recoveries from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, codependency issues, debt issues, and gambling issues.

- Daily meditations
- Recovery calculator that shows you how many days you have been sober
- Meeting Guide with GPS capabilities

The One Recovery app is a phenomenal app.  The best thing about it is the meeting GPS feature which allows you to find various 12-Step meetings in your area, and lets you know how many miles away they are and what times they start.  I’ve used this feature on many occasions.  I like this app’s simplicity and how it gives you just what you and need and nothing more.


iRecovery  * * / 5
iRecovery was developed by Hope & Freedom Counseling Services.

- Affirmations (for example: “When I concentrate I can do just about anything I need to do”)
- “Healthy Plan” tracker
- Blogs on various recovery topics
- Sober calculator (shows you the days, minutes, and approximate number of heartbeats since you got sober)
- Circle of Five (allows you to enter the contact information of your sponsor and closest AA friends)

Like iPromises, the iRecovery app has a lot of features that you simply will not need to utilize.  The coolest feature of this app is its unique sober calculator which shows you the number of days, minutes and seconds, and how many times your heart has beaten since becoming sober.  More information can be found on the app’s website, www.recoveryapp.com.


Daily Recovery  * / 5
Daily Recovery was developed in 2009 by 10LA Media Ltd.

- Daily quotes that are recovery-related

Daily Recovery is a pointless app.  When you click on it, it gives you a random quote for the day that is recovery-related.  Today’s quote is “Hope is patience with the lamp lit” from Tertullian. What does that even mean?


In the Rooms * * * * / 5
In the Rooms is unique because it is sort of like a recovery-based social networking app.  When you download In the Rooms you are asked to upload a photo and create a profile that other recovering addicts and alcoholics can see.  The user can become “friends” with other users and share their experiences, strengths, and hopes with each other.

- Individual profile
- Friends tracker
- Inbox (the user can receive messages from other addicts and alcoholics)
- Groups (the user can join recovery-related groups)
- Meeting Locater (the user can find a close-by meeting through a GPS)
- Helpline (the user can chat live with a counselor)

In the Rooms is an app based on its popular website, www.intherooms.com.  It’s unique in that it is a recovery-related social media network—a Facebook or MySpace for addicts and alcoholics, if you will.  One thing that I find a little bothersome is that this app encourages its users to break their anonymity.  The app and website urge users to upload photos of themselves and create profiles where others can add them to their “friends” lists.  A rather annoying function that I could definitely do without is the daily email the user receives with a daily meditation.  If I want a daily meditation I know where to find one.  The best feature of this app is its meeting locator, which allows the user to locate a meeting nearby via GPS.


Steps Away  * * / 5
The Steps Away app is essentially a meeting locator developed by DBJApps.

- Meeting locator via GPS
- Favorite Meetings list
- Twitter feed
- Fellowship community

Steps Away was the first app with a meeting locator via GPS.  You would think that the “Find Meetings” option would be the best one out there, but it’s simply not.  The list of meetings is not very extensive, and it lacks the title of the meeting and does not tell you how long the meeting is.  It does, however, give users the ability to add meetings that are not in their databases.


Addiction  * * / 5
The Addiction app gives a description of the following subjects: alcohol, alcoholism, anabolic steroids, club drugs, cocaine, drug abuse, drugs and young people, dual diagnosis, fetal alcoholism, heroin, inhalants, marijuana, methamphetamine, pregnancy and substance abuse, prescription drug abuse, quitting smoking, smokeless tobacco, smoking, smoking and youth, and underage drinking.

- Description of various drugs

The Addiction app is helpful inasmuch as it defines different drugs that are widely abused.  However, if someone needs to research a certain type of drug he or she can simply search for it via Safari on their device rather than having to download a mini drug encyclopedia.  Helpful? Yes.  Necessary?  No.

man using app on phone


Affirmations  * * / 5
Affirmations is an app produced by www.intherooms.com and www.soulseeds.com, with photography by Kenny P.  An example of one of the app’s affirmations is: “If you are carrying heavy burdens and anxiety, rest in the moment.  It demands nothing of you but your presence.  If you are troubled and lonely, embrace the moment.  It is your companion, full of peace and wholeness.  Say to yourself: ‘I am okay in this moment.  I have nothing to prove and nothing to fear.’”

- A daily affirmation

The affirmations provided in this app are helpful to addicts and alcoholics in recovery who are down and insecure.  An affirmation can brighten one’s day.


YouTube Videos That Explain the Apps Further
iRecovery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oRP2cth1NU
iPromises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkJLopFDAfQ
In the Rooms: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUh-q9p_geI


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  • Rivkah

    I’ve been using “Twelve Steps: The Companion” for about six months and love that it has the full text of the big book and how long I have sober. It also has links to the promises assoc. with each step that I use regularly. :)

  • Anonymous

    They are OK but I was looking for something with a little more on the accountability side. I found recoveryBox http://www.recoveryboxapp.com I use it every day to text my sponsor my numbers for things I did (good and not so good0 during the day. It even reminds me to text. It’s build with so many more features based around a traditional 12 step program or a program like Celebrate recovery. At counseling and group sessions, I add treatment goals, track my sobriety date, track my triggers and more. And the blog has info every other day about how to better use the app or random resources. The apps above are OK but I need a bit more. If you use the email in the app the developer will get back to you right away.

  • WorkingAA

    You might also check out Today’s Step: Recovery, which have an iPhone and Android version, daily quotes, amazing stories, videos and rewards. http://www.todaysstep.com