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Midwest City, Large-Scale Problem: PCP

Kansas City Missouri PCP Kansas City, Missouri: the town settled by Mormons, intended to be a throughway westward; the starting points of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails. A quaint, quiet city of just over 2 million, rich in its Irish heritage, blues and jazz music, and world famous barbeque. It is home to Hallmark Cards, AMC Theaters, the Airline History Museum, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Hidden Valley Park, and numerous Riverboat Casinos. The occupants of this seemingly innocent jewel of the Midwest have given birth to the city’s newest dark little secret: PCP.  We definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore (literally, we’re in Missouri, people). Phencyclidine, a drug thought to be sealed in the history books, a topic said to be strictly of reminiscence, has made its way back into circulation, and is poking its head smack dab in KC.


For those of us unfamiliar with the drug, Phencyclidine (PCP) is a very powerful dissociative anesthetic introduced in the 1950s. At high doses, it is said to induce schizophrenia-like symptoms. I can’t help but wonder if there is some sort of correlation between this and the behaviors characteristic of PCP users: running around naked, violence, irrationality, and alternating maniacal and manic moods. I can tell you from my personal dabbling with this drug: I experienced no such phenomena. Either I did not take a high enough dose, or, I beg to question if the theory of a recessive personality trait being sparked by the consumption of certain substances holds relevance.


Regardless of the mechanism of action of these characteristics, there is no denying the increasing prevalence of PCP in Kansas City. The first quarters of 2011 and 2012, KCPD has confiscated at least 3 gallons of the substance. The department claims the consistent presence of the drug is a contributor as to why it’s causing alarm. Police have made an average of 2-3 PCP related arrests per week. Almost all of the PCP in the area has come from gangs in the Los Angeles area. They send it out by the gallon to Kansas City. (Rizzo, 2012)


Rizzo claims, “…not all users react with violence. Some are docile and relaxed.” (Rizzo, 2012) There has however, been an increase in violent arrests which is said to be committed by men and women under the influence of the drug. My experiences under the influence of the drug were always that of a magnified ketamine trip. My feet felt like they were 10 feet in front of my body. My mind felt like it sat higher than my head. I had very intense, but incomprehensible closed-eye visuals. I am not even fully certain they were actually visuals. It was very confusing, but I never felt like I was in a bout of rage that I could not control. I suppose it is safe to say drugs affect everybody differently.  The point is, they affect people, and they affect entire populations. They turn once safe neighborhoods into riot zones of violence and cesspools of disease.



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