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Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Experience: Not Going Well At All


At the renowned Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, Lindsay Lohan is doing her court-ordered rehab stint for three months as part of a plea deal in her lying-to-cops case involving a car accident in Santa Monica, California last summer. But things at the facility have been far from “rehabilitating” for the troubled actress. She is struggling severely with overeating, poor hygiene, and lack of energy due to her prescription drug, Adderall, being taken away from her.

Reported exclusively by RadarOnline.com, an anonymous source spoke out about the actress’s uncomfortable experience, revealing that “Lindsay just doesn’t want to be there. She was forced to go to Betty Ford by the judge instead of going to jail. The actress looks extremely haggard, her face is bloated, and it doesn’t look like she has brushed her hair in days. She looks very disheveled and has absolutely no energy since docs took away the Adderall.”

All of Lohan’s Adderall was reportedly taken away from her last week by doctors at the Betty Ford Center, making things quite difficult for the actress, who has reportedly gained five pounds since then and is complaining that she cannot stop eating.

Though the sources disclose that Lindsay Lohan is extremely unhappy in rehab, the actress’s mother Dina’s latest interpretation of her daughter’s state of mind contradicts these rumors. Mama Lohan told The New York Daily News that the Betty Ford Center was doing a world of good for her, stating, “I just spoke to Lindsay at Betty Ford. She’s doing great. She’s clear, she’s happy, she’s healthy.”

In the meantime, until Lohan “surrenders to the recovery process, she will never have a shot of sobriety. To Lindsay, rehab is just a revolving door, and she is just going through the motions, pro forma,” the source divulged.

Who knows if these rumors of Lindsay Lohan being incapable of adapting to life in rehab have been widely blown out or proportion or not? Hopefully that is the case and things are going well for her. All being well, the three-month stint in rehab should do her some good and put her back in the good graces of show business.


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