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Justin Bieber: Hopefully Not the New Lohan, Houston, or Ledger


Justin Bieber is definitely a talented young man, with his chart-topping records, and teen heartthrob image. However, his PR staff have had quite a lot to deal with lately–from photos of him smoking marijuana surfacing, to him passing out on stage, to his latest stunt–where he goes off on a cocky and insulting rant, insinuating that he doesn’t need rehab and isn’t a repeat Lindsay Lohan. Excuse us if your actions speak differently, Justin, but extreme partying and saying that people who seem to care about your health are stupid are exactly the actions that those of us who have gone through treatment recognize as our own.

Bieber recently has made headlines for smoking weed and passing out on stage, neither of which has been extremely flattering. As a role model for young teenagers, he should probably have thought better. Marijuana is widely recognized as a gateway drug for other, more addictive drugs. Passing out while performing is never an applause-worthy action…and neither is getting kicked out of a nightclub, celebrity or not. While I can excuse those as mistakes, his angrily worded tweet, in which he proclaims that those who believe he needs rehab are stupid, only goes to show his immaturity. Couple that with those headlines, those sound like a pretty good starting point for rehab to me.

But hey, what do I know? I’m 19, just like Bieber. The only difference is that I’ve been through rehab, and I’ve seen what a positive change I’ve allowed it to have in my life. I can only hope that this young celebrity can do the same for himself. While he may currently be making more money than Lindsay Lohan, she was once in the same boat that he is in right now. You don’t hit rock bottom without once being close to the top, but if somebody is as destructive as this young superstar seems to be, that success won’t last for very long.

Talent, success, money; these are all things that many people who’ve gone through rehab possess or possessed. Unfortunately, many people don’t try to get better until they’ve lost all of them. Justin Bieber seems to be headed on the path towards Lohan, towards Houston, and towards Ledger, which is highly unfortunate but not unheard of. If he chooses to accept the care and help of those who see his actions as destructive, rather than ignore them because he can provide for them, he will have a much better chance at a truly happy life. I hope the best for him, because it would be sad to see yet another truly talented life go down such a torturous road.


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