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I Gotta Feeling That Tonight’s going to be a Drunk Night


Back when I was drinking alone in my room I used to listen to particular songs, mostly tunes that referred to partying and consuming lots and lots of alcohol.  I would listen to these songs over and over again, the words prompting me to down more and more shots of hard liquor.  One of the songs I used to listen to every night over, probably for a straight couple of months, was “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black-Eyed Peas.  “I Gotta Feeling” made me feel like no other.  The lyrics to the song, in my perspective, are all about going out, having a good time, and most importantly doing so all while drinking.

The lyrics include:

“Tonight’s the night, let’s live it up

I got my money, let’s spend it up

Go out and smash it like oh my God

Jump off that sofa, let’s get, get off

I know that we’ll have a ball

If we get down and go out and just lose it all

I feel stressed out, I wanna let it go

Let’s go way out spaced out and losing all control,”

This song made me want to live life to the fullest, and drinking was the way to get there.  It would seem silly to somebody else that a song could urge someone to drink, but it’s what did it for me.  I have expressed my opinion about this song and that it influenced my drinking, and many people have said to me, “Really?  You got wasted to THIS song?”

I have heard of and seen videos on YouTube of couples playing this song at their weddings while coming down the aisle, and I don’t think they have any means to grab a bottle or two of champagne and chug it down until they are both passed out on the dance floor.  What I’m saying is this song, to many people, is one of encouragement to live a life of good times, fun, and laughter, not going out and drinking till you puke – but that’s how I have always viewed it.  Every day I should party and drink like it says in the lyrics:

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

(Do it!)

Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday (Do it!)

Get, get, get, get, get with us, you know what we say, say

Party every day, p-p-p-party every day.”

I viewed my life as an ongoing, always drunken party, and this song just influenced me to live like that even more.  I can still listen to this song sometimes but not nearly as often as I used to.  Every time I hear it I am immediately taken back to those awful times, when drinking is all I ever did and cared about.  This is not the only song I used to drink to but it is the one that hit the spot every time.

I gotta feeling that tonight’s going to be a sober night.


By Matthew B.



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