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How to Quit Smoking


If you are looking for ways to quit smoking and help your body recover from the effects of smoking, this article is for you.

Some methods people use to reduce the urge to smoke include dipping a cigarette in milk, orange juice, or grapefruit juice, and letting the cigarette dry. When you feel an urge to smoke and attempt to light one of these cigarettes you will grossed out and disgusted by how vulgar it is. This will cause the user to associate smoking with disgust.

Another idea is that smoking herbal cigarettes, such as rosemary, beech tree, corn silk, licorice, and sage, could ease symptoms of withdrawals by making a tobacco herbal mixture while slowly using less and less tobacco until you cease consumption entirely.

Smoking changes your body. Do not fret, however, as there are many things to take that can help you to quit as well as help to repair your body and reduce addiction.

There are many things that help in repairing the damage you have done to yourself from smoking.

Some Tips for Smoking Cessation Include:

• Eating a well-balanced diet of alkaline foods is essential to repairing your body.
• Exercise is very important if you are to regain your health. It is thought that 30-60 minutes of exercise a day can help combat the effects smoking has had on your body.
• Vitamins are essential, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E, because they are effective at reversing the effects of smoking on your body.
• Breathing exercises are very important for recovery from smoking because they reduce the cravings for tobacco. They also strengthen your lungs.
• Coenzyme Q10 is known to protect the heart and lungs and increase oxygen in the blood stream.
• Drinking 8 glasses of water is recommended because it will help your body rid itself of the toxins accumulated.

Some Things That Will Help You Rid Yourself of the Habit Include:

• Keeping busy is very important so that you are not tempted to smoke on break periods.
• Acupuncture is also an effective treatment for addiction to cigarettes. The logic behind using acupuncture is to cure your body of an imbalance related to smoking cigarettes.
• St. John’s wort is thought to help with the feelings of anxiety and depression associated with quitting smoking.
• Adding honey to your diet is thought to be very beneficial to someone trying to quit smoking.
• Chewing a licorice stick can aid in the oral fixation associated with the smoking habit.
• Antioxidants are very effective at fighting the free radicals that will plague your body from smoking.
• Some foods worth eating include rosemary, avocados, thyme, ginger, horseradish, and cayenne because they all have positive effects on your lungs.
• Lobelia and ginger are also effective at relieving the nausea and anxiety associated with smoking.
• Grape seed extract helps repair damage to the lungs caused by smoking.

Setting deadlines for complete abstinence while lowering your cigarette intake until your quit date is very effective. Also, finding out which situations trigger your urge to smoke is also very smart thing to do. Getting rid of things related to smoking is also a very smart thing to do because it removes the visual triggers in your home than can cause relapse.

Dealing with the cravings is hard but certain foods help. These include oats, drinking baking soda with water, and consuming orange juice and grape juice.

In conclusion, there are many tools at your disposal should you make the decision to kick the smoking habit. Follow these and your chances of becoming and remaining an ex-smoker are good, if not excellent. The sooner you try the better.

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