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How To Hide Cigarette Smoking From Your Parents


One prominent theme of being in recovery is that nearly everyone smokes cigarettes.  In my current sober living 9/11 girls smoke and most of the staff does, too.  I know my parents wouldn’t be pleased to hear that I smoke.  So how do you hide it?  There are several techniques, but the key is to not overdo anything with a scent.  If you do, it will look like you are hiding something, making parents all the more suspicious.

  1. Do all of your laundry before they get there to have a fresh base of non-smoke smelling cloths.  This is the best way to go.  Just wear two outfits a day, one for smoking and one for parents.
  2. Fabreeze it. Whatever you smoked in from a jacket to jeans, if you’re going to see your parents in it, Fabreeze it!  Don’t overdo it so as to not look suspicious like you are hiding something.
  3. Shower if you can.  Be sure to wash your hair regardless of when you last washed your hair.
  4. If you don’t have time to shower, wash your face and put scented lotion on your hair and around your neck.  Put on perfume if you want, but not too much.
  5. Brush your teeth and then eat something.  Mouthwash is too obvious.
  6. Wash your hands with scented hand soap.
  7. Let the people you live with know that your parents don’t know that you smoke.  You don’t want someone off-handedly asking, “Hey, can I bum a cig?” in front of your parents.
  8. I highly recommend the patch and/or nicotine lozenges for when you are around your parents.  I personally found that it decreases cravings, which lead to irritability and decreased tolerance for my parents.  Make sure the patch that you buy matches the number of cigarettes you smoke a day.  Follow the directions on the package.
  9. Dispose of or remove all smoking related items from your purse and person.  This includes wrappers, boxes, lighters, and matches.  No need to prompt suspicion.
  10. Should anything go wrong, blame it on a friend.  For example, your parents may say you smell like smoke.  Say, “I was around Jenna, and she was smoking” or “Oh, yeah.  Jenna borrowed this jacket, and she smokes.”  It could even go so far as, “Oh, Jenna asked me to put this box of cigarettes in my purse for her when we went on a walk.”  Only lie to your parent if you are comfortable with it.  I know that telling them the truth would cause more harm than good, so the lie is a white lie.

The best part about it is when you get home and your parents have left, that first cigarette is amazing.  While I am very thankful for my parents, I feel jealous of my friends who have parents who are just happy they aren’t doing drugs and don’t care about the cigarettes.  These simple tips keep me smoking and them happy.



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