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E-Cigarettes: Are They Better For You Than the Real Deal?


While restrictions on smoking cigarettes become stricter and stricter, and taxes on them rise across the country, there is an heated debate over the safety and regulation of electronic cigarettes. Many view electronic cigarettes as a helpful cessation tool, or as a safer alternative to smoking the real thing. Although there haven’t been any large-scale conclusive studies, it would seem to make sense that there are less disastrous health effects associated with e-cigarettes than their tobacco- and tar-filled counterparts.

Electronic cigarettes were developed in China in 2004 and have been taking the smoking world by storm ever since. Delivering nicotine via smokeless vapor allows smokers to get their fix in places where they otherwise couldn’t have – ranging from home to work and public transportation. Although they aren’t specifically marketed as a tool for quitting smoking, many people use vapor cigarettes as a way to cut down their nicotine intake while getting the psychological satisfaction that comes with the hand-to-mouth action, as well as inhaling and exhaling nicotine. Some argue that there isn’t enough available research to speak for the health benefits or consequences as regards e-cigarettes, despite the satisfaction that many customers display.

There haven’t been any large-scale or definitive studies done; however, there are studies that point to certain health aspects of smoking e-cigarettes. One such study points out that airway resistance increases when smoking electronic cigarettes, and that this effect lasts about 10 minutes. Another study displays that electronic cigarettes don’t seem to have harmful effects on heart function. Yet other scientists and researchers point out that while the nicotine content isn’t regulated strictly, and there are certain carcinogenic materials found inside some e-cigarettes, real cigarettes deliver 500 to 1,400 times as many toxins in a single cigarette. Some doctors even go so far as to say there is a certain amount of harm reduction from electronic cigarettes. After all, tobacco and cigarette products are the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. So, while electronic cigarettes may not be completely free of harmful health effects, they are certainly less harmful than real cigarettes.

I can’t speak for everyone’s experience with electronic cigarettes, but my own has been nothing short of positive. My lungs feel clearer, and I can run and exercise for longer amounts of time than I could when I was smoking. I don’t smell like an ashtray, and I save an incredible amount of money by not buying cigarettes. I still get the urges to smoke, but it’s satisfied by taking a few pulls on my vapor cigarette. Of everyone I know who switched from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, everybody has had a similar experience.

No one is saying that vapor cigarettes are the epitome of health, only that they are safer than real cigarettes. Real cigarettes deliver a huge amount of tar and tar-related carcinogens, as well as other toxins that cause heart and lung disease as well as cancer. While e-cigarettes may have side effects, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that they are a step closer to healthy than tobacco cigarettes. They may not be the correct answer for everyone, but they have proved to be immensely helpful in my own struggle with smoking tobacco as well as for many people who have tried this method and found it both helpful and preferable.


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2 Responses to "E-Cigarettes: Are They Better For You Than the Real Deal?"

  1. Yes E cigarette is the better deal for me because it comes in affordable price and also it contains very less amount of tobacco and nicotine so it is harmless. Also there is no restriction on using e cigarette at public places…

  2. Marry Thomas says:

    Electronic cigarettes doesn’t produce smoke, it produces vapor uses nicotine base liquid called e-cigarette liquid. This e-liquid is available on number of flavors.It doesn’t harm your health.E-cigarettes are the best option to quit smoking.

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