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Criminalization of Drugs Linked to Rising AIDS/HIV Rates


Criminalization of DrugsCurrently because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic there are centers that provide clean needles, safer injection facilities, and prescription heroin programs for helpless addicts worldwide but the Global Commission expresses concern, stating the need for drug decriminalization and that there aren’t enough secure facilities, promoting safer ways to use, letting the deadly virus continue to spread.  Due to the fact that countries such as the U.S., Thailand, China, and Russia have such strict policies on drugs and drug use, it’s causing millions of people to be infected.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy will be holding a conference, releasing a revolutionary detailed report in London, England followed by an additional teleconference.  There report is going to point out the worldwide battle and criminalization on drugs is motivating the HIV pandemic amongst heroin users and their sexual cohorts. The Commission is also stressing the failed attempt on the existing war on drugs, demanding that the administrations behind this effort to reevaluate and improve their strategies to end the spread of HIV infection and other problems that drugs continue to cause.  The report being given will be released prior to the International AIDS Conference, the world’s biggest and chief assembly of scientists and specialists on HIV/AIDS held this July 22 – 27 for the first time in twenty-two years in the U.S. in Washington D.C.

A report given by the Global Commission in June of 2011, similar to the one expressed above, described the pressing need for drastic change of the global drug prohibition organization.  This first report created unmatched, worldwide publicity and stirred up international debate on the subject of drug reform.  In the report, the modifications discussed included, greater importance on the overall public health procedures to drug use, decriminalization concerning drugs and drug use, testing and experimentation in legal drug regulation, and effective alternatives to incarceration.  The Commission, supported by several sophisticated leaders is one of the biggest advocates for safer drug use and overall improvements for the war on drugs.  If anyone can change the minds of our government officials and the organizations behind these limits, it’s these guys.

As a former drug addict and alcoholic, now almost five months clean, I really hope we see some change happen as a result of the events soon to come.  I fortunately was never a heroin user, but I’ve seen, first-hand some of its worst and most terrifying affects, destroying lives and sadly taking some.  I had a neighbor that lived across the street from me that is now sober and has been for almost four or five years from the devastating drug.  I’ve witnessed him almost die outside his house, going crazy and cutting himself all over his body, blood spewing everywhere.  He is a great person, now clean, and I’m really pleased that he’s alive today.  Besides him, just one addict on this planet out of millions, it is sad to hear of the other countless individuals who die every day of AIDS because they can’t and won’t stop using dirty needles and find a safe place to use.  Hands down, there needs to be better reform on the global drug war.  The way to do this is drug decriminalization and creating more ways to lower HIV infection so we can save some of these addicts from eventual death.

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By Matt B.

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