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Junior Seau Suicide May Have Been Connected to His Time in The NFL

  Former NFL superstar Junior Seau recently committed suicide, and now experts suspect that a degenerative brain disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy may have been the cause.  There is also lots of evidence that links CTE to concussions which many Football players are prone to and suffer from. Seau became famous and beloved during his two decades as an NFL linebacker.  Linebackers are well known for their ability to dish out big hits on other players, meaning they tackle them really hard.  The result was quite often a brain-rattling, head-on collision, which sometimes led to concussions that were never treated. Over the course of his career as a football player, Seau’s brain deteriorated from the repeated trauma and, as a result, so did his ability to think logically.  Autopsies conducted on Seau’s brain, which was donated … Read entire article »

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Writing Sober

  My biggest worry about becoming sober was that I used weed and alcohol to produce art.  My world was art, and I needed it to stay that way. I still view the world as art, though it’s different now.  So many things in my life are art that were not in my definition of art of life before: work, meetings, friends, and happiness.  I can now produce art on a new skill level with a wider range of themes, characters, plot, and tone. The largest difference in my writing process is that when I sit down sober/stay sober and write an article or story, I get significantly more done and often finish what I started.  While I was in my addiction I would find myself drinking a bottle of wine, procrastinating about … Read entire article »

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Addiction Doesn’t Make It OK

  When in active addiction, alcoholics and addicts—because they are not in a healthy state of mind—make some really unwise decisions, subsequently carrying out irresponsible actions.  Many people victimize themselves, explaining that “the alcohol made me do it” or “the drugs made me do it,” but taking responsibility for their actions is what they really need to be considering.  Blaming their actions on and because their mind was skewed due to whatever substance they put into their body is just an excuse. Just recently, five inmates at Idaho’s Kuna prison—Keith Allen Brown, Cory Alan Baugh, Jeremy Joseph Brown, Steven Todd Thompson, and Woodrow John Grant Brow—who are carrying out sentences for committing violent crimes while intoxicated are claiming that the beer made them do it.  In addition, they are suing major beer … Read entire article »

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Connecticut Shootings Lead Many To Take a Closer Look At Mental Health

  The Sandy Hook shooting spikes a variety of major issues: gun control, school safety, media coverage, and mental health.  Various sources report that 20-year-old shooter, Adam Lanza, had a psychiatric illness, which some report to be a personality disorder (The Denver Channel, 2012) or Asperger’s syndrome (Ne’eman, 2012). While it has not been fully confirmed, it is obvious that somebody with good mental health probably would not commit such an atrocious crime.  This massacre served as an impetus to discuss the issues of quality and availability of mental health services in the United States.  In the US, individuals in need of treatment for mental illness often do not receive the care or the quality of care that they require, especially if they are children or adolescents.  Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Columbia University … Read entire article »

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Woman Who Was High on Crack Gets Caught Pleasuring Herself in Starbucks

Woman Who Was High on Crack Gets Caught Pleasuring Herself in Starbucks

  On Thursday, November 1st Florida police picked up a woman after reports came in that she was masturbating in a Starbucks Coffee joint. The cops took her into custody after they found a crack pipe in her purse. Apparently Jennifer Piranian was wigging out while she was waiting for her coffee because she was extremely high on crack cocaine. “No one could ever say for sure what she was doing, and I’m pretty sure the video … Read entire article »

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Mother’s Milk and Drug Smuggling

  A 28 year-old Panamanian woman was stopped at the El Prat airport in Barcelona and searched by police after acting suspiciously.  The ensuing search snared 1.8 kilos of cocaine stashed in her breasts, the result of an operation performed at the instruction of drug traffickers that left her chest soaked in blood. The woman was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors removed the several bags filled with cocaine from her chest, likely saving her life in the process.  This arrest is yet another example of how far (or low) drug smugglers will go to traffic their goods. Drug mules, or smugglers, have become an increasingly common part of the landscape in Indonesia, especially among Indonesian women.  As is the case in other parts of the world, impoverished women, often single … Read entire article »

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Some Medications Are Overprescribed

Some Medications Are Overprescribed

  A report in this Sunday’s Los Angeles Times revealed that a doctor who prescribed drugs to addicts, often in excess, did so as long as they were willing to pay him.  Dr. Carlos Estandian prescribed powerful painkillers to drug addicts who had no medical need for them.  He also conducted sham examinations and acted as a supplier for drug dealers, dishing out huge numbers of prescriptions and raking in big money.  His patients were dying … Read entire article »

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Taking Time for Treatment: A Conundrum for Many Employees

  Those struggling with mental or substance abuse issues are often wary of getting daily, residential, or inpatient care out of fear that they will either lose their jobs or face severe difficulties seeking employment if they are unemployed at the time of treatment. The same issues affect individuals who become physically sick or disabled, but in the case of mental or substance abuse issues, the protections for employees are not the same and cultural stigma still affects how these employees or prospective employees get help, maintain their privacy, and are afforded the same employment opportunities. In 1990, the Congress along with the President approved the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to prevent discrimination against, provide reasonable accommodations for, and improve access to more working environments (among a plethora of other provisions) for … Read entire article »

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Colorado and Washington are Baked

  The people of Colorado and Washington are stoned, I mean stoked, now that they can legally smoke marijuana anywhere they want within their state.  On Tuesday, October 6th, a law was passed that gives individuals the right to enjoy pot for recreational purposes. As excited tokers poured out of bars after hearing the news, they lit up joint in celebration.  But all the hype over weed’s legalization in these states may not be so exciting after all.  Although Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana on the state level, it is still illegal under federal law.  If a federal agent were to get involved in a marijuana case in either of these states, the perpetrator could be arrested  on grounds of violating federal law.  “The voters have spoken and we have to respect … Read entire article »

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A Number of Athletes Prefer Food to Advanced Sport Drinks

  In 1965, researchers at the University of Florida introduced a new kind of drink to help replenish the mixture of water, carbohydrates, and— most importantly—electrolytes that the university’s student-athletes lost while competing in strenuous athletic games. It was a new breakthrough in athletic sports drinks like none that had come before.  In the 1967 Orange Bowl, The University of Florida’s football team, the Gators, won the game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, claiming their victory was due to the aid of the sports drink.  When asked why his team lost the game, Yellow Jackets coach Bobby Dodd replied: “We didn’t have Gatorade. That made the difference.” Shortly after this phenomenal win by the University of Florida, that same year, Gatorade was manufactured and produced, becoming widely available to the public.  Gatorade … Read entire article »

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