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Moderation in Addiction: Real or Myth?

Monday, January, 6th, 2014 Moderation in Addiction: Real or Myth?

Addiction recovery ideologies typically advocate total abstinence. But is there another way-moderation? Is it possible for an alcoholic to drink modestly, or the problem gambler to game controllably? It is possible for some people to engage in addictive behaviors and not fall prey to addiction- If one can eat cake sensibly or take his narcotic painkillers as prescribed, then surely others are capable of the same sensibility and control. Why don’t they tell us this in recovery? Some feel that total abstinence is the only way to effectively stay sober. AA advocates “complete abstinence” which many find objectionable, meaning that if I wish to be a part of any AA/12-step fellowship I must abstain from all “mind-altering substances.” Perhaps sober addicts in the “blame it” stage are going a bit too far in their revenge on alcohol. Abstinence may be the way for some and even vital for many, but it is ... … Read entire article »