Are You a Compulsive Shopper

Think you or a loved one may have a shopping addiction? Find out your level of compulsive shopping behavior with the free online Treatment4Addiction self assessment test. Take the following self-help quiz to find if you may be exhibiting the common symptoms of a serious shopping problem. This test is only for informational purposes and should be not used as a substitute for a professional evaluation.

Self Assessment Test:

1. Do you experience an artificial euphoria when going on a shopping spree?
2. When you are lonesome, restless, upset, disheartened, or irritated, do you go on shopping binges?
3. Do your shopping habits adversely effect interactions that you have with those closest to you?
4. Do you ever sense that something outside of your influence urges you to shop?
5. Do you make a point of concealing the items that you buy and your shopping behaviors from those closest to you?
6. Do you find yourself avoiding your mailbox or telephone because you want to avoid the result of the money you spent shopping?
7. Are there times where you feel obliged to purchase an item even though it is not essential and you cannot manage to pay for it?
8. Have you attempted to stop your excessive shopping habits and been incapable?
9. Following a shopping spree, do you experience shame, remorse, or apprehension?
10. Have you noticed that you are employing the use of additional credit (credit cards, increased limits, loans, etc) to finance your shopping habits when you really shouldn’t be?
11. Have your shopping habits hindered your professional life?
12. Is it common for you to engage in buying binges?
13. Have you undergone financial troubles recently due to your shopping habits?
14. Have you noticed that you are using excessive time and money on shopping, but don’t necessarily want to?
15. Have you ever had issues with your financial institution or legal authorities as a result of your shopping habits?
  This test is only for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for a professional evaluation.
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