Self Assessment Tests

Addictions are a serious disease and need early and extensive treatment to help the addict quit. Even if you suspect you or a loved one shows signs of addiction symptoms, fill out the free addiction quizzes and start the road to recovery today.

Complete one of our free self assessment tests and allow us to help you determine if you need help.
Sex Addiction Test
Is it hard for you to maintain a relationship because of your sexual activities, distorted thinking or illegal sexual behaviors?
Alcoholism Test
Once you start drinking, is it hard for you to stop? Do you ever feel like you need to cut down on your drinking or been criticized for your excessive drinking behavior?
Drug Addiction Test
Does someone you know increasingly neglect their family, friends and work? Are they involved in risky, manic or suspicious behavior?
Gambling Addiction Test
Is it hard for you to stop gambling once you've started? Have you ever had to borrow money just to gamble or felt unhappiness or remorse from gambling?
Food Addiction Test
Do you constantly crave food, feel guilty after eating or eat even when you are not hungry?
Nicotine Addiction Test
Do you constantly have a desire to smoke and get unpleasant or sick due to tobacco withdrawal? Think you may have a dependence on tobacco?
Shopping Addiction Test
Do you think you have a shopping addiction? Are you constantly spending money on things you don't need, even with increasing debt?
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