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Drug Rehab for Women

Studies have found that anywhere from fifty five to seventy five percent of female addicts have been victims of sexual or physical assault at some time in their life. Many women report that their male partner was the one who introduced them to drugs. Males, in comparison, rarely ever report this about their female partners. The point is that women who are addicted to drugs suffer from a completely different set of circumstances then men. Although not all women have gone through the same situations, they collectively have dealt with a different type of suffering than men. One of the largest problems regarding women in addiction is the negative stereotype associate with being a drug addict mother. Many women resist attending treatment centers in fear of the law or a societal judgement. Women are afraid of losing custody of their children, and may be afraid of what their spouse will say.

Rehab for Women

Because of the unique set of circumstance that some women have gone through, they may require a special type of treatment. From state-funded institutions to luxurious rehabs, there are rehabs designed specifically for women by women. Going to drug rehab is a serious and difficult decision, and knowing your options before you go may make the decision a lot simpler.

Dual Diagnosis

Studies have found that women with substance abuse issues are significantly more likely than men to have a co-occurring psychological disorder. The presence of a psychological disorder such as depression, generalized anxiety, or bipolar may severely inhibit long term sobriety. In order to travel on a path of recovery, the woman must treat both her substance addiction and her mental issue. Without treatment of the psychological disorder, the woman will most likely relapse, as the disorder can bring extreme emotional pain.

Gender Specific Facilities

Some experts suggest gender specific facilities for both men and women. When allowed to intermingle in treatment, people may get distracted. With the comfort of drugs taken away, newly sober addicts often look to love and sex in order to make them feel complete again. In coed treatment centers, clients often look to each other for a feeling of validation, and it often heavily hinders their recovery. Rehabilitation clinics that are gender specific offer freedom from this unnecessary challenge.

Transitional Living

One part of drug rehab for women that may be very helpful is a sober living house. There are sober living houses located all across the country, and although coed houses do exist, they are gender-specific for the most part. At a women’s sober living house, anywhere from three to fifteen women will live together, learning how to reintegrate back into their lives. The collection of women provide a healthy, understanding support group, and this form of continuing care has proven to be one of the most successful methods of relapse prevention.

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