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VIP Recovery

VIP recovery is offered to those who are financially well off and wish to have the highest quality treatment available. These facilities offer luxury in all respects of their program and often give participant personalized attention and employ outstanding professionals to give them the best experience possible in VIP recovery. Treatment plans are tailored for each individual client as each one has specific challenges. Surrounded by the most beautiful settings these facilities resemble five star resorts with luxurious living accommodations and offer many extracurricular activities. Clients will be taken care of in every aspect of their lives while in treatment and are cared for by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals.

How VIP Recovery Works

A physician and a primary therapist will assess the client upon admission to develop an individualized treatment plan. Clients will go through physical, psychological and psychiatric evaluations along with other examinations to gather as much information as possible to determine the best treatment plan. As well as having a personal physician, therapist and psychiatrist they will also receive treatment from other master-level counselors. Clients will also get care from licensed physical therapists and personal trainers with onsite gym facilities to ensure they are taking the best possible care of their body. Along with this clients will receive acupuncture and spa treatment as well as therapeutic massage to help them relax and feel great through their stay. There are many other types of treatment available to clients such as Hydrotherapy, Energy Healing, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and many more.

Another luxury that is offered is the services of five star chefs that prepare first class meals for clients. These chefs will work with registered dieticians to help compose a well-balanced healthy diet which is also tailored to each individual. Clients will be offered the best care in all these areas so they can become as healthy as possible because during addiction the afflicted often do not take care of themselves properly and can cause themselves a loss of personal health. To regain the level of health one should have and even to surpass that the utmost care and attention is available.

Along with these amenities these VIP recovery offers many extracurricular activities to assist in the therapeutic occupation of body and mind. Sober fun is extremely important in recovery as being sober should not feel like a bad thing and clients are encouraged to have as much healthy fun as possible. Facilities offer many different activities including Golf, Hiking, Ropes Course, Martial Arts, Basketball, Swimming and other sober fun activities.

[ADUNIT]Another important feature of VIP recovery is the privacy and security provided to clients. Many clients want have privacy and even their identity kept secret, to accommodate this most facilities a remotely located in beautiful serene areas away from densely populated areas. Discretion is important to these clients and measures are taken to make sure it is maintained.

Clients are encouraged to do research and pick which treatment center best suits them based on their program or if they are partial to certain locations and climates.

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