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Teen Drug Rehab

Being a teenager in today’s world is a challenge, not only for the individual but for their parents and people around them. A lot of teens use drugs recreationally, and most of them don’t see it as a problem, when in actuality it has turned into a full fledged addiction. Recreational drug use is a very risky behavior and can get out of hand in no time. Millions of teens struggle with addiction and most need help to quit. Marijuana is said to be the most popular abused substance among teenagers next to prescription pills. The availability of prescription medications and the belief that their use is without danger has led to a prescription drug addiction epidemic.

Teen Drug Intervention

Teenagers who abuse drugs and alcohol have more issues than their parents may realize. In order to deal with these deep-rooted problems, it is recommended that the addict abstain from all mind-altering substances. Teenagers may perceive the situation differently, believing they are “fine” or “o.k.” This belief can make getting a teenager the help they need quite difficult. Having a teen drug intervention on a friend or family member can really make them think on how they have affected the lives of their loved ones and themselves. A drug intervention takes place to give the addict a chance to take a different path and turn their life around for the better.

Teen drug interventions typically involve family members and close friends of the addict. During the intervention the family members and friends state their feelings and set bottom lines on how they will no longer enable drug seeking behavior. A Drug Interventionist is commonly used to make the intervention process run as smooth as possible. Many teens become fearful of the prospect of trying a different way of life since they are so used to using drugs as a means of escape.

Usually following an intervention the teen is given an ultimatum. The choice of going to treatment or their family will lose all contact with them and no longer enable their behavior is one approach. Some teens take the gift being given to them by their loved ones while others do not because they are just not ready and need to hit their “bottom.” It is said that every alcoholic or addict needs to hit some kind of emotional or physical bottom to realize they need help. The individual must be willing and only then they can help themselves.

Inpatient Teen Drug Rehab

For most teens inpatient drug rehab is involuntary. They are usually sent by their families or the judicial system. It’s a little bit different for adults because they have a lot more freedom in choosing which drug rehab to go to and what kind of treatment they want to receive. Teenagers don’t have these choices necessarily.

Successful inpatient teen drug rehab not only addresses substance abuse issues but also show teens a new and healthy way of living in the world. Effective problem solving and social skills need to be relearned to build back self esteem. Both group and individual therapy are available at most residential treatment centers. It is necessary for teenagers to be taken out of their comfort zone to be able to open up to recovery and give it a chance.

Outpatient Teen Drug Rehab

There are many differences between inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs. Inpatient drug rehab is a bit more intense, and is usually recommended for teens who are heavy drug users and have been for a while. Outpatient drug treatment offers services that are less expensive and time consuming and the teen can return home each day after the groups are finished. Teenagers can attend these groups and counseling sessions for as long as they need. The services mostly offered by outpatient treatment centers are individual therapy sessions, group therapy, relapse prevention, drug screenings, life skills and re-socialization skills. All of these services can help teenagers remain sober and learn new skills that will help them avoid addiction in the future.

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