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Private Drug Rehab

When you’re suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism, the last place you want to be is a run-down facility with barren walls and cold, tile floors. You want a personable staff, licensed physicians and clinicians to guide you through a detoxification process. You’d like to interact with professionals experienced in psychology and psychiatry in a private, tranquil setting. Your team of rehab clinicians should be working toward the goals that you’ve outlined for yourself. In private drug addiction treatment centers, all of this is possible. If drinking is your issue, recover in a private alcohol rehab to get the most individualized care possible.

Private drug and alcohol rehabs are more expensive than other treatment centers for many reasons. Private drug facilities create a customized care plan based on the person’s background, physicality, emotional needs, and length of time engaged in addiction. Anonymity is a grounding principle upon which the program is based. People who attend private drug rehab centers find themselves attending meetings in small clusters, as private facilities limit the number of guests allowed at one time. Rehab patients also reap group therapy benefits that outweigh the possibilities at a public facility — with fewer participants involved, everyone has ample opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback. Addict and alcoholic patients enjoy the ratio of staff to client a private drug rehab facility provides.

The following is a recap of the primary benefits of private drug and alcohol treatment centers:

  • High staff-to-client ratio
  • Nurturing environment fostering peace and tranquility
  • Group therapy sessions
  • One-on-one therapy every week
  • Nutritious food provided
  • Varied options for exercise
  • Alternative approaches such as equine therapy, acupuncture, and art therapy
  • Detailed aftercare plan

Overall, testimonials of clients who are now alumni of executive drug rehab centers rave and rant about the personalized care. Virtually all clients feel as though their experience was well worth the cost, due to the tools they received and were able to take with them into the real world upon discharging. A private rehab center is the ultimate way to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. After all, you deserve it.

To locate a private alcohol treatment center please call (866) 206-8656.

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